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THE 70's

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9/12 Torie was born
12/4 David was born

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6/20 Herb married Sherri
11/3 Mindi was born

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May 1972: I graduated from Maysville High School
7/27 Kristi was born
October 6:I married Chester Wayne Dean at 7pm at the Hughes Baptist Church

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We were living at Norman

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We were living at Norman

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January 9th 1975
Our first child was born today. We named her Tiffani Lorraine. She was born at Norman,OK, attending Doctor was Dr. Hulsey
Tiffani was born at 6:14am and weighed Seven pounds and four ounces and was twenty inches in length
When Tiffani was born we were living at Norman.
January 13
Bill and Judy Kay and boys came up to visit but most of all to see Tiffani
January 15
We had company.. Mr and Mrs Dean, and Kenneth and Judy and kids came up to see Tiffani

February 14
Tiffani got her first Valentine card from Cousin Tricia
March 22-24
We took Great Grandma Dean to Lubbock TX to see her family and we went to Carol and Bob's. They lived on the out skirts of Lubbock.
While we were there we went to the 33rd annual A B C Rodeo.. Tiffani will never remember it but it WAS HER FIRST RODEO
March 28
Grandma and Granpa Cox and Decelia were in from New Mexico. This was their first time to get to see Tiffani
March 30
Tiffani's first Easter. We went to church and then spent the day with my family at Mom's and Dad's.

In December 1975 we were living in the trailer at Maysville
May 1975: DH was working at the Maysville Police department.

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January 9
Tiffani's First Birthday
We had her party at our home at 7:30pm with a Raggedy Ann birthday cake made by Norma Hill of Maysville.
Those that helped us celebrate her birthday were:
Judy, Kenneth, Michael and Mindi ~ Bill, Judy Kay, Kenneth Dale, Donnie and David ~ Betty and Paul McCaskill ~ Grandma and Grandpa McCaleb ~ Grandma and Grandpa Dean ~ Great Grandma Mittie Dean ~ Dixie and Daniel Felan ~ Tom, Rohna Calvert and family and Diana McCaskill
Sending her cards but didnt' get to attend were R.C., Betty and girls.

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We took Tiffani to play her first game of Putt Putt
Scores were Chester: 44 ~ ME: 59 and Tiffani 79 + some
7/31 Laura was born

1977 NOTES
My Mom and Dad spent Christmas at Lovington with Grandpa and Grandma Cox. Mom's sister, Clara was in from California.

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April 19
We took Tiffani to the Carson and Barnes Wild animal Circus that came to Lindsay

July 13:
Tiffani had to have 6 stitches in her chin.. After swimming lessons she going to show me how she could jump into the pool by herself.. I told her not into the deep water because I didn't have my suit on.. Well she jumped right into the other bank in the shallow end.. What a nightmare!! It really didn't bleed that much but the skin was just hanging there on her little chin. Chester was out of pocket and so was Grandpa Dean. but before they got the stitches put in both showed up to help..
Needless to say the swimming lessons came to a end until she gets the stitches out.

July 24:
With Tiffani's stitches out and the cut healed I took Tiffani swimming today.. She wasn't afraid at all, she jumped right in and of course I was so proud of her.

August 4:
Tiffani was able to rejoin swimming lessons in the second classes offered she did really great.. Grandma MC finished taking her to her lessons.

August 5
R.C. Played softball at Duncan so we went down to watch him.. It turned into a long night but it was great to see them and also to watch him play ball.. They are living at Medford and we don't get to see them very much and the girls are growing so fast.

August 6:
After church we went to my Mom and Dad's.. R.C. and his family were there since they had came to Marlow to play ball.. We got home around 8. Just about all of the siblings were there to enjoy the day.

August 7:
Chester had to go out of town to Durant to work today and we aren't sure how long he will have to stay.
August 8
Yeppee Chester only had to stay one night.. That evening we took the kids swimming. Judy Ann hurt her back but I think she will be OK.. then later we had home made ice Cream at Mom and Dad's

September 1
We hit a cow on our way home from eating in Pauls Valley.. The Mercury was towed in but we are all OK.. a little sore but OK..

September 9
Our second child was born. We named her Tracy Renea. What a cuties she is and healty as can be.. Praise the Lord
She and my niece Kim Beth share the same Birthday
September 11: Mr and Mrs Dean brought Tiffani over to meet her new sister.. She was so excited but couldn't quite understand why we couldn't come home with her..:O)
September 14
Tracy and I came home from the hospital.
September 15
I took Tiffani and Tracy to town and had their first pictures together taken.. Tiffani is so proud and loving to Tracy
September 27
My Birthday.. Chester took me out to eat.. Just the two of us.. Both girls stayed with Mr and Mrs Dean while we were gone but not overnight.. Not yet..

October 1
Tracy spent her first night at Grandma and Grandpa Dean's.. We took Tiffani to the Oklahoma City fair and we new it was going to be after 10 when we headed back home..
Rohna Calvert had her little girl tonight.. They named her Kellie
October 3:
We got the Mercury out of the shop today.. This evening we took both of the girls to Tom and Rohna so we could see Kellie
October 6
Our Anniversary. we went out tonight.. Tracy stayed the night with Grandma and Grandpa Dean's and Tiffani stayed at Bob and Carol's.
October 7
We went early to pick up Tracy but Tiffani wasn't ready to come home. After lunch time Carol and family brought Tiffani home and then Judy and her family came over.. We had a great visit.
October 13
We went to Judy and Kenneths to play cards. Tiffani wanted to stay the night so we let her..
October 17
Mr and Mrs Dean came out for supper. Tiffani wanted to go spend the night with them when they were leaving.. which she did.. She sure is been going alot lately..
October 20
Mr Dean went in the hospital today
October 21
I took both girls to Dr. Ryans for colds.
October 24
Took both girls back to Dr Ryan for their colds seems they aren't getting over them.
Tiffani weighed 36 pounds and was 41" tall.
October 31
Took snap shots of the girls. Tracy in bed wearing a yellow and white sleeper and Tiffani in bathtub.. :O)

December 3
I took Tiffani and Tracy to David's 8th Birthday party
December 6
Tracy got her first booster shot today. She weighed 12 pounds.
December 6
Boots died today.. He was so good with the girls we will miss him terribly.

1978 NOTES:
Grandma Cox passed away at Lovington, NM
We Went on the last McCaleb family trip. All of my siblings and their families were there and Grandpa Cox, Decelia and her family.

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January 31

Tiffani got her hair cut by Ricky Parker at the Yankee Clipper

February 14
Tiffani fourth valentine days and she received cards from: David McCaleb and her Grandma and Grandpa Dean.

Kenneth Dale graduated from Maysville Ok, High School

June 15 and 16th
Chester, Myself and Tiffani went to Ft Worth to watch the Texas Rangers play ball.. Tracy stayed with Mr and Mrs Dean

October 27
Bill married Kathy Harmon at Chickasha, Ok.
We had Thanksgiving dinner at my Mom's and Dad's.. We ate diner in the house at the bottom, but Later in the day the family went to the rock house and played ping pong & dominoes. (note: the fireplace was finished, mantel hung, and paneling on the walls but no furniture in it yet.)

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