1999 Journal

1999 Journal






Tracy is driving the 1992 2 door Geo Storm
Tracy was working for Steve Hall Oil Company at a C-Store making $5.90 per hour. Living at Stratford housing paying $76.00 per month. Winter school at ECU $814.00 books cost. $213.72, $117.13& $141.44. Gas and water bill at Town of Stratford $21.30 average, and Hearland cable wireless $22.26, phone bill around 100.00 average and elctric bill with OG&E under 20.00 usually.
Saturday January 9,
Tiffani and Kevin got their house

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Friday February 12
Tiffani, Kevin and Tracy went to Red Lobster to eat.

Thursdar 25:
Went to Unemployment office at Chickasha.
Saturday February 27
DH and I with the girls and Kevin went out to eat to celbrate DH birthday also went bowling

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Sunday 7
Chad took Tracy out for Pizza
Tuesday March 9th
Tiffani and Kevin are having problems
Wednesday, March 10th
Tracy is on Spring break. She Tiffani and I went shopping at Norman, we ate at Olive garden
Saturday, March 13, 1999
Jimmie and Michelle (Thomas) Dean were married.
Thursday and Friday 18-19
Wanda and I cleaned Fritiz's home
Saturday 20:
Aunt Emma passed away
Monday 22:
Wanda and I cleaned Mr Dean's home
Tuesday 23:
Aunt Emma Funeral and Tiffani went to Lawyer at Pauls Valley.
Wednesday 24:
Bought Tiffani the Trailer with ours and Grandpa Dean's help.
Thursday 25:
Had my hair cut by Sharla at Write's Cut
Friday 26:
Moved Tiffani in trailer
Sunday 28
Tiffani bought a ice box and a sofa
Monday 29:
Tiffani's ice box was delivered.
Wednesday 31:
Wanda and I cleaned Mrs. Coopers home

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Chester and I went to Dr. Hines for colds.
Thursday 8
Aunt Sophia passed away
April 13
Chester is very sick I took him to Dr. Hines
April 15
Chester is feeling much better
Friday 16
Chester went back to work
Monday and Tuesday 19-20 I planted flowers out by the pond.
April 13 1999
Tracy was working for Steve Hall Oil Company at a C-Store making $6.00 per hour.

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May 3: I went to Dr Hines for my right elbow. She is calling it tennis elbo due to me working to long in the flower beds.. I am falling apart at the seams.
This evening bad Tornados hit Moore and OK City..

May 24
Had the 1992 Chevrolet Storm worked on where Carol is working ..at Wilmes Chevrolet*Oldsmobile*Cadillac*Goe in Duncan. Total Cost was $493.63 for tires / Replacing clutch cable /Replaced seal for exhaust leak and brake pads.

1999 NOTE:
In May we purchased 4 stools ~ table and umbrella at Walmart for the deck .. Total cost $327.41

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Saturday June 5
Tracy was a bridesmaid in Rae Turners wedding. The wedding was beautiful.

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Monday 16
Tracy and Rick moved some more of her things to her appartment in Stratford
Tuesday 17
I subed for Mrs. Schrader
Tuesday 24
I subed for Mrs. Schrader
Tuesday 31
I subed for Mrs. Schrader

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Tuesday 7
I subed for Mr Robert Alberson in math for 1/2 a day
Wednesday 8:
I subed for Mrs. Hudson for 1/2 day
Friday September 10
Tracy's 21st birthday.
Thursday and Friday 16- 17
I subed at Lindsay ~ 6th and 9th grade Science.
Thursday 23
I subed at Lindsay ~ 6th and 9th grade Science
Tuesday 28
I subed at Maysville for Mrs. Deviney

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Friday 1
I subed at Lindsay for Mr Salvage
Monday 4
I subed at Lindsay for Mrs Brown ~ Science
Tuesday and Wednesday 5-6
I subed at Maysville for Mrs. Hudson
Thurdsday 7
I subed at Lindsay in Ag
Monday 11-Wednesday 13
I subed at Maysville for Mrs. Schrader
Thurdsday 14
I subed at Lindsay 1/2 day for Mrs Wilson
Friday 15
I subed at Lindsay For Mrs. Williams
Mindi and Jeff
Monday 18
A note was made on My 1999 calendar of Tiffani's Car.
Monday 18 and Tuesday 19
I subed at Maysville for Mrs. Schrader
Wednesday 20
I subed 1/2 day at Maysville in Spanish
Thursday 21
Tracy was excepted into the Nursing program at UCLA
Saturday 23
At the First Baptist Church in Maysville we gave Mr. Dean a party from 2-4 to celebrate his 80th birthday
Monday 25 - Thursday 28
I subed at Maysville for Mr. (coach) Howell

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Monday 1
I subed at Lindsay for Mrs. Williams
Tuesday 2
I subed at Lindsay 1/2 day for Mrs Wilson
Thursday 4
Tiffani's car to Norman
Saturday 6
Leo and Norma came up and had supper with us.
Sunday 7
We went to Leo and Norma's for Leo's 52 birthday
Monday 8
I subed at Lindsay in Ag
Tuesday 9
I subed at Lindsay 1/2 day in libary
Wednesday 10
I subed at Lindsay for Mrs. Williams
Thursday 11 and Friday 12
I subed at Lindsay in libary
Friday 12
We refinanced the house
Tuesday 15 - Wednesday 17th
I subed at Lindsay

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December 1
I opend a free site to put Dean family history on at myfamily.com
Friday 3 - Saturday 4
We and David and Robin went to Gainesville for the night then went 4 wheeling Saturday
Monday 6
I subed at Lindsay for Mrs Jennings
Wednesday 8
I took Mr. Dean to OKC for his vet appointment.
Monday 13
Reinhart Christmas party
Tuesday 14
I spent the day at Josh Dean's playing on his computer doing some picture scanning.
Wednesday 22
I took Mr. Dean to OKC to see a doctor.. He had a bad cold.
Friday 24
Tiffani and Kevin ~ Tracy and Rick spent the night.
Saturday 25>
All the kids were here and Mr Dean for lunch
Monday 27
Chester and I left on vacation or Shreveport Lousiana. December 31
Chester and I went to the OU game in Shreveport.

Tracy's Saving account at First National Bank in Lindsay had about $517.00 in it at the end of the year.
December 15
Tracy took her second injection of the Hepatitis B Vaccine Series at Intergris Hospital in Oklahoma City

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