2000 Journal





Monday 3 ~ Friday 7
Tiffani sick with a terrible flu.. She went to the doctor but can't seem to shake it.. By Friday she was finally feeling better.
Friday 7
I had a job interview at Reinharts
Tuesday 11
I started to work at Reinharts
Monday 17
Woke with a sore back.. I started medicine for a kidney infection.
Friday 21
I worked a 1/2 day and went to Wanda's Mom's funeral..
Monday 24
I had made a denist appointment for sore tooth prior to taking job at Reinharts.. I had one tooth pulled this morning which I was off work for one hour..

Tracy is driving the 1992 Storm.

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Feb 2
Carol told me that Robby is going to be coaching Marias tball team this summer. I know he will guide the team in good sporstmanship and to victory.
Saturday 5
Chester and I bought a gateway computer it will be delivered next week
Sunday 6
Tiffani moved back in with Kevin in their house.
Wednesday 7
I am so excited the Gateway computer was delivered today.
Wednesday 16
Bobby Brutons Mom passed away
Saturday 26
Chester and I ~ Tiffani and Kevin ~ Rick and Tracy gathered at Goldsby and played Bingo to celebrate Chesters birthday
Sunday 27
Chester and I had lunch at town.
Monday 28
Chester and I had supper at Tiffani's
February 11, 2000
Kaycee Beth Kraft was born at Norman hospital. 6 pounds, and 4 ounces, 20 inches long. Congrats Kim and James.
Feb 16
Tucker, pulled a muscle in his leg. Doctor says to keep a eye on him for awhile and if not better bring him back in. Doing better as of last night (2/16/2000), but was quite a scare for his mom & dad.
Feb 20
Zack had to be taken to the emergency room Sat. night...he had been vomiting for a couple of days and nothing the doctor had them do was working. He had a virus and dehydrated...Gave him an IV and watched him till about 3 Sunday morning...He is at home...sleeping and Kristi said he kept a bite or two down today....

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March 8: Judy told us that Michael (Hobbie) is enrolling in school
Monday 13
I had a eye appointment at Lindsay.
Friday 17
I had lunch with Tiffani and Tracy
Saturday 18
Tiffani took Tracy and Rick out for Pizza
Monday 20:
Kraig's first fishing tournament is this weekend (25 - 26)at Grand Lake - Let's all keep our fingers crossed that he does well. UPDATE: He had fun but didn't get to bring home any big prize money. :O)
Sarurday 24
We went 4 wheeling
Sunday 26
One year ago.. March 26th Tiffani moved out into the trailer at Maysville.
Friday 31 2000
Homer and Karen's sell out celebration

Tracy is working for Steve Hall Oil Company at a Pauls Valley Gas and Go C-Store making $6.00 per hour.

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Saturday 1
Chester and I bought new Livingroom curtains and bedroom comfronter
Monday 3
I got my hair cut
Tuesday 4
Saturday 8:
The three of us Sisters finally spent some time together Saturday morning. We went plant shopping and all of us purchased a 4" pot of a plant called "Lamb's ear". ANY WAGERS ON WHO'S WILL BE DOING THE BEST OR STILL ALIVE AT THE END OF THE SUMMER????
April 13
Sad news to share with "the family". Hobie and Sheila lost their baby on Tues. Sheila is back at work now and doing ok.
April 15:
Dad is scheduled for this Wednesday for out patient surgery on his left shoulder at OKC (59th and Penn, he thought) for torn ligament, Dr. Smith attending. If all goes well he will be home that night if not he will be admitted into Hilcrest hospital, (again he thought). I did offer to go with him and he said that wasn't necessary, so so so, I won't be going. Update: Dad made it through surgery fine, with take a couple of months of therapy all should well after that. More UPDATE: Dad made it home about 8pm. doing as fine can be after surgery. Jonnie said the DR. had to do quite abit of scraping (SP?). I didn't tallk to Dad, he had taken his medicine and went to bed. She did say that he may have the other shoulder done when he mends from this one.
April 23: Carol told me that she is changing jobs on the 15th of May....She hasn't given notice yet but will this week...She is going to work at Wheels of OKC on 29th street...
April 26:
Donnie and Kim is moving into another house soon.. Still in the Marlow area.

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Monday 15th
Official first day of C. C. & R. Construction

Tracy is working for Steve Hall Oil Company at a Pauls Valley Gas and Go C-Store making $6.00 per hour.

Monday, May 15, 2000 C. C. & R. Construction first day of business. Owners: Chester, Cory, and Robert
Friday, May 26, 2000 Tiffani and Kevin went to Gainesville and was remarried then went on to Shrevport for the week-end.

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June 1
Torie and Rodney are going on a 7 day cruse to Alaska.
Jun 2 Carol is moving to Chickasha.
June 8:
Grasshoppers are eating my acre down to the dirt. I am not kidding. Can I ship anyone a couple of hundred. Heck, they are already in the trees. We put out bags and bags of chemicals. First we did the complete yard, then we started adding a bag (rotating brands and types) every third day, but they seem to grown on it. No dead ones anywhere. What plants, rose bushes etc. we do have are covered in seven dust, you can't even tell what they are. We were going to give up when we thought we would try one last thing so last night we (Chet, Tiff, Kevin and I) burnt the grass that outlines the gold fish pond to try to get them, about a 1/4 of my acre. (Tracy, our youngest daughter, didn't know we are doing this, last minute thing and she is in Ada, OK, she get in on the action tonight) We are planning on doing complete yard if we don't run out of diesel. We would be rich if we could sell the darn things.
June 15, 2000
Tracy had the oil fluids, etc checked, and changed her windshield wipers in her 1992 GEO Storm at Pauls Valley Wal-Mart. It cost her $22.61

Saturday 17
I helped the girls purchase a grill for their Dad for Father's Day
June 24, 2000
The Dean family reunion was held at Maysville, OK. at The Maysville, Senior citizens building for the day.

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July 13
Carol has a spot on her lower lip that is needing to be removed. The doctors plan on doing that this coming Tuesday (July 18) at OKC.
July 29, 2000 Family gathering at David & Robin's Hamburger cookout at Chester and Gayla's. Kenneth & family should be here from Flordia. I hope all that have been to the past cookouts will be there again. We hope to gather earlier so we can visit more. PLEASE get with Gayla on eating time, what to bring and other details. Hug and Kisses
7/14/00 Kenneth has had a change of plan and will not be able to join us this year. We will miss him but the cook-out is still scheduled for the 29th. There has been one other change to the plans, it will be held at David and Robin's, instead of at Chester & Gayla's. Do to the grasshopper situation at Walville. Please still bring the usual and do come early so we can visit more.
Friday 28
Chester took off today and played in a golf tournment
Saturday 29
McCaleb Cook-out

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August 6:
Torie and Rodney are moving back to Maysville.. I am so excited.
We "McCaleb" descendants + others are getting together one more time to play in a softball tournament. What has it been? 10 + years since we have done this? The tournament is August 11-12 at the Maysville park. Cost is $10.00 per person or maybe less depending how many join the team. Proceeds are for the Maysville Little league. 1st practice..Sunday night......7pm next Wednesday night 7/7:30 pm. We hope to have lights so come on and practice. ? on if another practice will be scheduled.....
It is a round robin tournament so now they play at 9am, 1pm, 5pm, and 7pm Saturday. Hope all can be there
For those that did not get to play in or see the event of 2000, the update on the softball tournament was: THEY CAME IN TIED FOR SECOND PLACE. WON 3 LOST two. I missed all of you that could not be there with us. Thanks David & Robin for getting us together for this. I know my family and I had a great time.
August 25:
Carol finished her treatments She ill go back on 9/8/00 to make sure they got it all
August 31
Robby had back surgery Wednesday morning. He is doing fine by the report I got from Carol. Kraig and Zack went to Houston to help out for awhile.

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Friday 8
I attended at Tax class in Ardmore
Monday 25
C. C. & R. started renting the old Plumb way building

Tracy 3rd injection in the Hepatitis B Vacvine series was taken at Intergris Hospital in Oklahoma City
Sept. 24: Mindi told us that she and Jeff are getting a new home.

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October 3
I just found out that Callie Jane Pigg, (Alias: C.J. and Fred) was elected as the 2000 Maysville Sophmore Football Queen Candidate. Event is Friday, October 6, 2000, parade time 1pm.
The Maysville homecoming events were great as usual.
C.J. looked fantastic in the day and night events.. Growing up way to fast. She sure looked more like a Callie Jane than a Fred to me.
Robin did a great job as her day time chauffeur and David also did a great job as her night chauffeur.
Lindsey, rode, drove a four wheeler with the other high school cheerleaders during the parade.
Herb, Sherri, Laura and Sherri's parents (Bill & Betty Allen) were amoung the crowd at the parade. I believe Herb tied on more than his share of ballons for the event. The parade was a real big hit with Caleb and Zack. They didn't know what to do when the candy started hitting all around them. Torie and Kristi was somewhat amazed since they have never seen a Maysville parade only been in them. Carol had a blast getting to show off Zack. I am glad you are feeling better Carol. Jerry. Josh and Kaity enjoyed the parade, which got a A+ in their opinion. James would have enjoyed the parade if he could have found Kim, but she and Kaycee were at home so that was not possible. They decided not to come to the parade, Kim waited and came to the game instead. So much for surpising her James.
And of course I was there and enjoyed seeing the parade and family. The senior candidate won and was crowned the 2000 homecoming queen.
October 13-14-15
The 2000 Marchbanks ( Majoribanks) Family Gathering that was held in Fort Worth, TX October 13-14-15 was a great event. Chester and I was able to attend the Marchbanks family gathering with approximately 60 in attendance. We did enjoy meeting our Marchbanks family and getting to learn more about Marchbanks/Marjoribanks ancestors.
Following a reception on Friday evening, October 13, us and other attendees met on Saturday morning to take a bus trip to see the grave of Bolling Feltz Marchbanks, and to see the old Hodge plantation, owned by his father in law, and later in part by Bolling Feltz Marjoribanks. The original plantation was two square miles in size. We had lunch - of Texas barbeque - at the Ennis Country Club. As a part of the tour, we were met at the cemetery by Rob Jones, a local attorney who is a Hodge descendant and who was dressed as a major of Confederate Cavalry. When we arrived at the Hodge plantations, Chatsfield, which originally was two square miles in size, "Major" Jones had arranged to have a Confederate Artillery gun section fire a salute to us and those we represent. It was truly impressive. We also visited the plantation house at Chatsfield, and later were treated to tea and cookies at "Major" Jones' home, which he was renovating. The Southern hospitality was truly magnificent. That evening, Chester and I and most of the group went to a local Mexican restaurant, while some stayed behind to watch the Alabama - Ole Miss football game, won by my alma mater, the University of Alabama, 45-7. Needless to say, some of our group was happier than others about the game!
On Sunday, the business meeting was held which DH and I skipped it so we could head home.

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Saturday 9
C. C. & R. Construction Christmas dinner at 3pm at Sante Fe in Norman.

Saturday, December 23, 2000 McCaleb Christmas gathering at Judy and Kenneth's.

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