2002 Journal

2002 Journal






January, 2002

January 1:

Chester and I went to David's and had breakfast and watched OU beat Arkansas in the Cotton bowl. That evening the 5 of us (girls and SIL) gathered at our house for the traditional Blackeyed peas and a few games of cards.
God Bless us all as this New Year begins.
January 3:
I had Lunch with Tracy..
That evening the 5 of us (girls and SIL) were together at our home to celebrate Kevin'S birthday.. Tracy cooked dinner which we all enjoyed..

January 4:

That evening Tracy, Tiffani, David, Robin and I
went to Stratford to watch Callie play Basketball..
Lady Warriors lost Warriors won.
You played a Great Game Callie

January 9:
That evening Tracy, Chester (Sr.), Chester and I
meet Tiffani in town for lunch....
Happy Birthday Tiffani

January 12:
That evening Tracy, Kevin, Tiffani, Robin, David, Chester and I
meet Carol at Chickasha and ate supper then went to her lodge......But Carol I don't think the girls will ever sing Tan shoes and Pink shoelaces with you ever again.. :O)
January 17:
Took invoices to Ardmore.

January 18:

We went to watch Callie play basketball at home...
Lady Warriors and Warriors won.
You played another Great Game Callie

A little funny: I called David and told him I had left my purse could he pay my way into the game.. He was really not happy when he got to the game and realized we had paid his way in.. My seetie wanted to make sure David made it to the game since David had gave him a bad time about not making any games before now... One of those you had to be there to see the humor in..

January 25:
First day to get to mail invoices directly to Houston.. So much easier this way..

January 26:
David came out and finished working on the electricity in the garage.. Hugs David we owe you and I promise not to ask Chet to work on electricity again..

January 27:
We meet Jim, Carol, FIL and Tiffani at Mr. P's for lunch after church.


February 3,2002

Tiffani went with us to Alex to watch Callie play Basketball.
Lady Warriors lost Warriors won..
Carol got to make this one.. She got a new hair do.. Looking good Carol..

February 5,2002

That time of Year.. Chet and I took The TAXES in to see what else Uncle Sam thinks he should get of our earnings.

February 7,2002

Life events are sometimes confusing to us..
And those events change our lifes completely.
We Love you Tiffani.. Hold on to your faith sweetie.

February 8 and 9th, 2002

Tiffani David and Robin went with us to Roff to watch Callie play Basketball.
Lady Warriors won Warriors lost first round of District on Friday and Saturday Lady warriors lost..

February 10,2002

Chester ran the backhoe at Davids.. They had a little bit of trouble..
David you "Should have called Okie" LOL

February 22,2002

Carol came over and spent the night with us.. We had a great time playing with Paint Shop Pro on the computer.. You got the hang of it now Carol.

February 23,2002

Chester, myself, Tiffani and Tracy went to Amber to eat dinner.. Tracy actually ordered a steak.. But then couldn't eat it.. Just not her cup of tea.. That's Ok Tracy Gizmo loved the dogie bag you brought him
It was great being with the girls.

February 27,2002

Kevin burnt his hands
You are in my thoughts and prayers Kevin.

February 28,2002

We love you!

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March 3 ~ 6
Tracy spent these nights in a Comfort Inn in Durant for Nursing.. Total cost of rooms was $200.73
Improvements on the trailer so Tracy could move in.. Total cost that we kept track of was: $1182.86

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April 17

Tiffani and Kevin first time to actually get to swim in their swimming pool.

April 20

Us three girls went shopping and got new clothes for Tracy's graduation.
Chester went golfing, Kevin worked on their deck.

April 21

Chester and I spent the day at Tiffani and Kevins.. They got the top layer of the deck done.

April 22 and 23

After work we spent the evening at Tiffani and Kevins working on their deck.

April 24

Chester and I went to Houston.

April 28
Carol Spent the day with us. We painted milk jugs for her lodge project and had a blast..

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May 11,2002

Tracy Graduated for East Central Universerity Those attending were: Chester and I, Tiffani and Kevin, Grandpa Dean, Carol Krist and Zack, Torie, Granpa Mc and Jonnie Ann, Jim, Carolyn and Josh, Destry, Michelle Z. and friend and Erin and Josh Taylor.
After graduation we went to Tracy RN penning and then to celebrate with a great meal.. Congrats Tracy we are very proud of you.

May 12,2002

Mothers Day
Went to church with Tiffani and Kevin.
Had my favorite meal prepared for me at Tiffani's and Kevins.. Tracy and Grandpa Chester joined us their for lunch.
Chester and I with Tracy following us went to Dallas.. Stayed about a block from Baylor hospital. A motel that turned out to be a nightmare of all motels. :O)

May 13,2002

Had breakfast at Denny's.. Chester and I headed on to Houston and Tracy had interviews at the Baylor hospital..
Chester and I got back home about 11pm.

May 16
Found Judy is going to be a Grandma again. Mindi is due in December.. Congrats Judy.. and families... What a great event to be looking forward to.. UPDATE: It is going to be a girl..

May 17,2002

Tiffan and Kevin hosted a graduation party for Tracy.

May 18,2002

Chet and I along with: David and Robin ~ Kassi and Michael ~ Tye, Janice, Nick and Dalas and Leo and Norma
rode 4 wheelers at Munster Texas.
Judy Kay came around lunch and rode some with us. ~~

May 22,2002
William C. “Bill” Allen father of my SIL Passed from this life at Purcell, Oklahoma

May 24,2002

I had Lunch with Tiffani and Tracy at town. Few places to chose from in our little town but we had a good time.

May 25, 2002
Chester and I went to the services of Sherri's father.

May 26, 2002

Chester and I along with David, Robin, Rodney, Torie, Caleb, Todd, Pam and their son went to Lake Murray State park, Oklahoma, for a day of 4-wheeling.. ~~

May 27,2002

Chester and I along with Tiffani, Kevin, Tracy, Desty, Dalton and his friend B.J. went to Lake Murray State park, Oklahoma, for a day of 4-wheeling.. ~~

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June, 2002

June 3

Tiffani's first day at Pauls Valley Local Oklahoma Bank.June 15:
Maria went to her first Girls Scout Camp.. And when she gets home she is going to the Britney Spears in concert with some of her friends.. Oh my Maria you are growing up way to fast.
June 15:
Softball tournment at Maysville. Tiffani, Tracy and David played.
June 15:
Michelle Dean singing at the Maysville Street Festival 7:30pm. It didn't begin at 7:30 so DH and Kevin left around 8pm but Tiffani and I stayed around then the rain hit and it was moved to the AG barn West of town. Michelle did good but it was mostly teenagers there.
June 17: Chet, Tiffani and I went to Alex to watch Caleb play t-ball.. David and Robin came over to watch him to.
June 25:
Opened Maysville School Days
June 29:
Dean Family reunion at Maysville.

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July, 2002

Internet problems journal in written form as I always do and maybe some day I might put the highlites in here.

July, 1
At Maysville School Days 12 members had logged into the site. THERE HAD BEEN 24 MEMBERS INVITED. Kind of slow can't seem to get the word out.
July, 10
Cassidy had Back surgery at Lawton. All went well with her surgery. Praise God
July, 11
Tracy passed The NCLEX test !! Now she is a full pledged RN. We are so proud of her... Gee now she can really be out in the real world.... LOL Hug and kisses

~ Oleta Dean ~

Deceased: July 24, 2002
Arrangements will be Friday July 25th 2002 2 pm, Pauls Valley, OK
Burial at Antioch, OK. Oleta Wife of George Dean of Maysville.
My thoughts and prayers go out to Oleta's family.
July 25 Took Mr Dean to Oleta's funeral. Scorpion stung me on the foot right while I was getting my shoes out of our closet.. By the time I got home I couldn't get a shoe on my foot if I would have had to.
July, 26
Judy Ann announced at the Watering hole that Jeff and Mindi are having a girl!!!!!!!

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August, 2002

Still having internet problems. :O(
August 9:
Carol got home today from Kansas City.
August 23:
Kim K. told me that they went camping @ Arbuckle Lake-Sat.and had a good time
August 15:
Killer had shoulder surgery.
August 23:
Found out that Kim B. got a new position at SORC she has 15 years out here now. August 23:
Dean/Nunn Vacation

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September, 2002

September 14:

Family cookout at Tiffani. Had a blast.. Missed a few of the family but maybe we will get to see them around Christmas or next year..:O)

September 19:
Carol told me that she got all the results back from her annual checkup and everything is fine.. she just has to watch the food intake a little closer.. Mammogram was good but she had around 15 spots burned off today but the only ones that you can see are 3 on my face...don't have to go back for 6 months...September 25:
At Maysville School Days, 61 members had logged into the site. THERE HAD BEEN 86 MEMBERS INVITED.. Now it has been open for 3 months maybe the word is finally getting out.

September 27:
Thank you Mary Ann for making me the great birdhouse graphics I love them..

I had a great birthday.. We were all at Tiffs for supper.. Great to have your family around you on any day..

September 29:
Chet and I went to town and watched Tiffani and Kevin play softball.. (Also David)
Kevin pitched for his team.. Way to go Kevin... Tiffani's team took 2nd place.. but gee whiz kids Dad and I are getting to old for those 4pm to 4am tournments..

Norma came to see me today.. She is so sweet she brought me a little gold frame with the quote... Friendship is a gift of God.. Thanks I needed it and you knew it..
Kevin plays Softball tonight at town.. Strike them out..

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October, 2002

Tuesday Oct. 1
I am so excited contact was made with a long lost highschool friend.. I am looking forward to rebuilding our friendship, Sheila that has set idle for 30+ years.. I can't believe I have made contact with you and Gayla Sue.

Wednesday Oct. 2
Work work and more Work..
Computer problems all day.. Runme errors are killing me.. :O)
Thank you Ann for all the help you have been giving me and for letting me cry on your shoulder.. I did pay the price and emailed microsoft put no answer but I am sure they will collect their money.. :O)


Thursday, Oct 3
I don't know when I came to the believe there was no such thing as having a BEST FRIEND.. but when someone ask me who mine is I stutter and stamber for a answer.. It is hard to name just one.. Well today ONE of my Best Friends did something special for me.. She drove about 50 miles to see me and brought me a little gold frame with the quote...
Friendship is a gift from God..
Thanks I needed it and you knew it.. God did send you to be in my life and I am happy to be able to call you
Other happenings... SI played Softball tonight at home, he did really good.. Way to pitch that ball..
But gee I wish I would have taped Survivors while I was watching you pitch.. I Wonder who got kicked off???

FIL stayed all night with T & K.... Hugs to you kids. It is so sweet of you to have him over...


Friday, October 4
What a day.. A good day but confusing.. I tried my best to get done what I am paid to do... Work... but seems everything wanted to fight against me.. But at the end of the day things began to smooth out.. Robin came out and tried to catch the 5 baby kitten out in the side garage but with no luck.. To many places out there for them to hide.. Thanks for trying..
Kevin had to make a trip to Tulsa for work.. Tiff is going to bring us pizza from Jo's. Yum Yum..
I haven't heard from Tracy today as of yet.. Hug and Kisses.. Update: Tracy called :O)
Comments on tag board..

Saturday, Oct 5

Slept in.... Wooowee...
Of course the top of my list of things to do today is laundry so I got that started right away.. oops well I turned my PC on first and got on line then got a cup of coffee combed my hair brushed my teeth and then put the first load in washing.. HeeeeHaaHee
Anyway inbetween loads I am at the desk checking emails and soforth.. I have to do that you know I might miss something.. Today is going to be a Sooner day will watch the game while at dinner tonight.. We get to celebrate the anniversary.. Gee it doesn't seem like we have been married 30 YEARS I can remember being married 30 days.. and I sure wasn't worried about doing laundry :O)
We were going to bye David and Robins compact car today but as usual to late.. it has already sold.. Oh well it wasn't meant to be. boohooo...
It is noon and laundry is almost done and put away.. Wonder if I should do some house work.. Naw that can wait I am going to the playroom and play.. I haven't had any runme errors yet so it is a good time to go..
UPDATES ON Oct 5: We had a wonderful night.. Tiffani, Kevin, David and Robin, Chester and I went to eat at Red lobsters.. and then home to play shanghigh rummy.. I Sure wish Tracy could have went with us but she had to work.. HUGS TRACY we missed you..
Way to go Sooners.. Texas better get ready they are next.
Oh and one for the memory books... David finally after all these years of playing shanghigh with us Won the last hand and the game a first ever.. Way to go David" I told you I would put it in my journal..Haahee.

Saturday, Oct 6

Happy Anniversary to US!!!
Busy morning already.. Got the roast potatoes and carrots cooking and the beans in the pot.. Tiff and Kevin are bringing us Breakfast burritos and there is no telling what today will hold but it will include what we love and live for: FAMILY
I received in the mail two great blinkie this morning.. Thanks Tea:

UPDATE: Had a great day.. Roast and Beans what more could you ask for..
Hugs Chet! Happy 30th Anniversary!! .. :O)
We had a great week-end.. Tiff, Kevin, David and Robin joined us in celebrating our 30th anniversary.. Saturday night We went out to eat, watch the Sooner play and YEA they won, Texas better watch out.. ... and then back to the house for Shanghigh Rummy.. Tracy had to work but sent us her best wishes.... life in real world really stinks right Tracy.... TIDBIT of INFO.... David won his first last hand in Shanghigh Rummy and the game... McCaleb history in the making.. :O) About time David we have been playing this game for 10+ years.. Actual anniversary was great to.. Tiff and Kevin came over that morning and brought us breakfast burritoes.. Yummm then we goofed the afternoon away.. (Well except Tiff and she worked on C.C. & R. taxes..)

Monday, Oct 7

Good Morning.. It is going to be a great day.. Work is top on the list.. Computer PLAY time is second.. Yeah right I can do both I think..

Took a few minutes to pop into the playroom to see what was happening and the saddest news was posted by a playroom member today.. Her son, Michael Alan Christensen and son-in-law John Trinco, died Saturday, October 6, 2002. when a boat capsized Sunday afternoon on Lake Miltona in Douglas County in west-central Minnesota. My thoughts and prayers are with this family
My heart is so heavy with grief even though I don't personally know them.

Tuesday, Oct 8

Short night for me I didn't get much sleep.. :O( Maybe I will sneak a nap this afternoon.. David & Robin came out last night he had forgotten his contact holder Saturday night.. Late yesterday I sat for a long time outside it was so calm which is unusal in Oklahoma.. I love watching the 5 kittens play. I just wish they would let me get close to them.. But I think they are going to be wild now that their Momma is gone.. They are even following the guieanes around I guess they think they are their Momma.. Looks like rain is on it way.. I love the slow steady rain I hope that is what we get.. NOT STORMS..
I have company this morning.. "Gizmo"... He hates thunderstorms so I called Tiff and she brought him by to keep me company today while she goes to work.. I set Carol a tag board at her Cozy corner website I can't wait for her to tag me..
Kids Softball games were rained out.. Chester didn't get in until late :O( his feet were soaking wet.. Bet he takes his rainware tomorrow.

Wednesday, Oct 9

Feeling much better this morning finally got a good nights sleep. Busy day working today but I would rather play but time for that later.. The guienes are so silly they are trying to get out of the rain by getting under the eave of the side garage. while the kittens are curled up in the garage missing their momie..
Poped over to Sindees to see how her Oklahoma day is going.. Come to find out she is really a razorback fan.. Living in Oklahoma for 8 years she is now a follower of both teams as long as they aren't playing eachother.... :O)

Thursday, Oct 10

I Had lunch with Tracy at town.. Was able to get a little insite to her work.. She is loving being a nurse and I am so proud of and for her. After we had lunch we went to Wal-Mart to browse around and I bought a new micro wave.. plus some things that were not on the list.. :O) The glass had broken in our old microwave so it had to be replaced. I sure hope this one cooks the peanut brittle and fudge like my old one did... When I got back home and back to work a neighbors dog came into the yard and caught and killed one of the baby kittens.. Why he did this I don't know but I am sure this is the same dog that killed the momma cat.. It was so sad the little fellow suffered but I tried to make him comfortable by putting a towel around him.. I call DH and he came on home and we went to talk to the neighbors but no one was home.. Now we know what has been getting the guieanes.. Not coyotes.
Tonight is survivor & CSI night so I will be glue to the tube for awhile.. :O)
FIL had a DR appointment today.. Jim took him.. He had x-rays done due shortness of breath.. They told him all looks well with his blood and heart but would have to read the xrays and would call him with results.. Well they called alright while he was outside and left a message that he has a large mass on one of his lungs and for him to call in the morning and speak to his doctor.... I am sure he will have to have more test ran but it could be scare tissue for his emphamiza..(SP?). My prayers are with him during his waiting time while the x-rays are futher looked at and that the results from the Doctor are good.

Friday, Oct 11

It is almost time for some

I am getting excited.. Our plans are to be at Davids to watch the game. I really don't care where we are as long as I get to watch.. :O)
For years we attended the OU and TX games, made a mini vacation out of it.. but we haven't attended the past three. The girls went last year but they decided to sit this years out and watch at home.. Sooner time in Oklahoma.. :O)

Est 10:45 am
How trivia my planing for the Sooner games feels as I write this. Tracy went to FIL this morning to be there when the call was made to the doctor. Grandpa sometimes doesn't hear to well on the phone.. The air was knocked out of her when the DR plainly stated that FIL has cancer.. HUGS Tracy thanks for being there for Grandpa.. How I hate that word..CANCER... At age 82 will be 83 the 21st.. Is it contained?? What type?? ohhh the questions with no answers.. To all that read my journal Please include him in your prayers that Gods mercy will be given to my FIL.

Friday, Oct 11

Opened Tiff a free home page at tripod.. None of the choices she wanted for names so it is tnook0.. She will probably open one with a different name later but that is the best I could do for now.. Visit her at The Nook

If you can visit Andree's Honor America page

This isn't a direct link to that page you will have to go to her home page then to her Honor American page but it is worth the time and effort.

Way to go Sooners.. Final score SOONERS 35 ~~~~ Longhorns 24
Chester and Tiff went by FIL's and fixed his spare bed frame that had broken.....the on to David and Robin's to watch the Red River Rival game.. Go SOONERS... Tiffani, Kevin, Tracy, Carol, Torie and Rodney joined in on cheering the Sooners on to victory.... Destry came over later and joined all of us but Rodney and Torie in a couple of games of cards.. It is a good thing the Sooners won because I sure stunk it up playing cards tonight.. I think I got the record worse score.. LOL
Verse for today
Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding; in all your ways acknowledge him, and he will make your paths straight.

Proverbs 3:5-6/NIV

Sunday, Oct 13

Going to have Lunch with FIL and Jim n Carolyn .. Meeting after church at FIL..

Monday, Oct 14

Tiffani and I went shopping.. She was off for Columbus day.. We had a great time.. That evening we moved her computer desk and things into her dinning area..Looks good kido .. And thanks for Dinner..

Tuesday, Oct 15

Paid bills, ran errans, busy busy or I felt that I was.. Tiffani went by Grandpa's and took him to the track to walk.. He is trying to build his strength up for the doctors appointment the 24th.. which he now is saying he only has scare tissue not cancer.. Sure hope he is right my prayers are for that..Miracles do happen..
Kevin pitched a double header.. Won one lost one. Tiffani was suppose to just watch but she played on another team against Kevin and David umpired, Chet was the base umpire.. I set in the stands with Robin wrapped in blankets..:O)

Wednesday, Oct 16

Tracy and I had breakfast in town, she was just getting home from her 4th straight 7p -7 a shift. Her nights and days are really getting messed up but she loves what she doing.. As far as I know we get to stay home tonight.. I am ready for a night of nothing to do..

Thursday, Oct 17

I have one Grandpup ~ Gizmo ~
I am missing him.. Kind of lonely here by myself this morning so I made him a blinkie to go with the one I adopted from Mommys Graphics.

Well I got off my tuff and got MOST of my work done and decided to do some housework.. Bummer how do two people make such a mess and where does the laundry come from????
Tiffani and Kevin have softball games tonight, I love to watch the kids play.. If the wind is not blowing it should be a beautiful night to be outside.. If it is blowing I will be wrapped in extra blankets.. :O)
Update: WE WON!!! and it wasn't to cold but then again I had on many layers... Great games Tiffani sorry I coped out and went home early so I didn't get to see Kevins..

Friday, Oct 18

Well I added the weatherpixie to this page. (DOWN AT THE BOTTOM for now) I thought it would be neat but humm just like Oklahoma weather it can't keep up with it.. LOL It is a light rain here and if it showes it is 70 degrees. Guess I need to look outside..LOL..
I emailed my long lost MSD friend gee I haven't seen her pop into the site since Monday. I can't keep but be worried.. I sure hope shes is just busy... She has back touble and was considering surjery.. Hugs GS if you read this email me..

Oh I am going to kick my other best friend.. She sent me a tea towel chain letter.. Come on NS you know I don't do those things.. Even for you.. :O)
I made another blinkie today..
I am going to learn how to do this yet..
Melody Tagged my nest and said: Hi! I was over at Nancze's blog and found your link, sure glad I did! I hope you have a wonderful day *big hugs* Thank you Melody.. I hate it that I am getting so old that when I visited your site that I was going to tag you to let you know I had visited but shoot I couldn't find your tag board.. Oh well if you visit me again maybe you can leave me a map to it until then I will just read your blog.. :O) Oh and my grandpup and your lizard have the same name.. GIZMO..
Tonight I joined The Oklahoma Sunrise blog web ring and the Christian blog Web ring ..

Saturday/Sunday, Oct 19/20

How about those SOONERS.. They won over Iowa Staate 49 - 3..
I haven't heard back from the webmaster of Oklahoma Sunrise blog web ring.. After I joined I realized that no where were the requirments being a FAMILY FRIENDLY SITE.. I will give it awhile but I might end up removing myself from it if it isn't.. I was notified that I was added to the site ring and response from web master that she plans on keeping it very friendly, I said I was open, but I'm still practical. :P Thanks for joining!

Card time tonight with Tiff, Kevin, David and Robin.. So I got to go pick up the kitchen..
It has rained all day and I have been lazy..
3 in the morning and the cards are put away and kids have all gone home.. We had a blast.. Robin brought Joe's pizza yum yum.. I am still full. Good morning or should I say good night.. Company in and out today.. It was great to see Donnie.. and always great to have David and Grandpa around.. The girls were doing their own thing today but I really think they new MOM and Dad are pooped out.. :O) I am going to crash early tonight it was a great weekend.


I received this cute OU blonde cheerleader today in the mail.. Thanks Andree.. I hope you got my sooner blinkies this time.

Tuesday, Oct 22

It is suppose to rain today so the softball games will probably be canceled. Yesterday the fog was so heavy but burned off mid morning and we had a nice Oklahoma day.
I have a full plate today with work and it is FIL 83 birthday.. L8ter I will try to blog hop and see what everone is up to.. many nice ladies out there in cyber. UPDATE: Tracy and I took FIL out for Birthday Breakfast.. And the games were not canceled.. Tiffani wasn't suppose to play but the other team was short handed so she played catcher for them.. I didn't stick around for all of the second game.

Wednesday, Oct 23

"Rain!" I love it when I can curl up with a good book or take a long nap BUT when you have things to do and have to get out in it well you get the picture.. Thank goodness it has been a slow easy rain.
FIL has his appointment in the morning.. I have prayed and I am trying my best to leave it in God's hands.. I hate it when I hand it to him then snatch it back like I think I can fix it..
I am not in the mood to try to sugar coat this anymore so I will just say all is well.. God is good all the time.. ON the upside.. I made a big pot of Chili for supper.. Yumm .. Tiffani came by and ate her some and took some to Kevin.. He had to make a trip to Odessa Texas so he wasn't going to be home until late.
Tracy's dryer is on the blink, we are going to have to get the heating element taken off and replaced..at least that is what we hope is wrong with it.. Oh and one more thing I did get the payroll done today and that I am thankful. IF I am needed tomorrow I won't have it to worry about it..

Thursday, Oct 24

ABT. 7:30 am
DH and Tracy took FIL to the city for his appointment.. BIL and SIL are to meet them there. It is going to be a long day of waiting for all of us.. I am playing it by ear I will get my work done and pace the floor until the results are in.. AND PRAY..
Nancze and her family is getting to go see the fall folage this week-end. Have fun Nancze I would love to go but I already made plans to attend the Affair of the Heart.. I hope you have a great time.
Did a little surfing and flew into stormy's blog looking for a veterans blinkie I had see a another blog.. Thank you Stormy for sending it to me.. I love it.

To see my Veterans page please go to Proudly they Served

Friday October 25
After the Fact: ~ Entry done Sunday the 27th ~
Friday.. Of course I had bookwork to get done but around noon I shut it down and went to the Maysville Homecoming parade.. of the family Robin, Herb, Sherri, Torie, Rodney and Caleb was there. Callie Jane and Dalton were in the actual parade.. When it was over I went by and check on FIL with no news yet from the doctor.. so I went back home to get ready for the night events... Kevin and Tracy both had to work so they didn't join us.. Tiffani came from work to the house and we went to the big 7th grade taco dinner.. We got to see the Henderson family and some others they we don't see very often but most of all I got to see Debbie Jo ~Use to be Alexander ~ at the dinner.. It was great to see her again.. Gee it had been like 10 years since we had seen each other last.. We had a fast visit with me talking 90 miles a minute to try to catch up.. Then our plans were to go to the football coronation and football game.. Well that was before we got to the parking lot to get our jackets and relized that we were getting a flat tire... So we decided we better go get that taken care of.. Well in our big hometown that isn't that easy after 5pm.. So we missed the game and decided to go on home.

Saturday October 26
After the Fact: ~ Entry done Sunday the 27th ~
Saturday.. A wonderful day spent with the girls and Robin.. at the AFFAIR OF THE HEARTS from 9:30 until about 3:30.. Whew the crowd was terrible.. We easied our tired bones to the Olive garden for a nice lunch ~ dinner.. Love the salad and bread sticks... Of course No trip is complete until you stop at WAL-MART and I am glad we did..Tracy got her first Christmas tree.. Of course it isn't real.. LOL with her job hours she decided it would be best to go with a artifical one but she will decorate it up and in the long run I think she will be happy with her decision.. Kevin meet us in Norman and picked Tiff up and they went to the hockey game.. She was tired from the Affair of the hearts so She will be draging before her night is over.. I got home about 8:15 and DH was so glad I didn't want to unload the vehicle.. He told me Destry got a deer and he had to go with him to check it in reason I don't know and other than that he enjoyed his peaceful afternoon home alone.

Sunday, Oct 26, 27

ABT. 5:30 am Sunday
Well I thought I should catch up on what I have been doing the past two days while I have my first cup of coffee.. That's done entry made for Friday and Saturday..

SUNDAY: Well my biological clock went off thinking it was 6:30 but it is only 5:30 because the time fell back one hour last night.. One cup of coffee drank and I think I will go lay back down..:O) Naw I need to do some laundry, unload and put away what I purchased yesterday and get the house picked up in case unexpected company comes by.. Again how can two people make such a mess.
The girls and their men came over around 6:30. T and K brought pasta and fixings over and prepared a great dish for us all. We had a great visit until I stuck my thoughts in on who is to wear TR new overalls.. Well I should have know better what I see is not what she sees.. Poor TR I had blamed her for a year of loosing her overalls and they were here all the time.. TL had her dads.. Sorry TR.

Monday October 28
Work is top got to get it done.. TODAY.. no putting any of it off so if anything happens that takes me away from my work duties I will be ahead of things instead of the usual behind..
FIL is still waiting on a call from the Doctor to see what the next step is.. and he twisted wrong and now his back is hurting him. Sure hope he hasn't dislocated anything..
After The Fact
FIL's appointment is set for November 5, 12:30 p.m. blood work first the the biopsy. They told him that it will either be done with tube down the nose or throat he couldn't remember or if they couldn't get to it that way it would be extracted with an needle.. through the chest or back he didn't ask.. :O( They did ask him if surgery was needed was he willing and he told them Yes.. Well that is all I know except God is Goood all the time..

Tuesday, Oct 29

Abt 10:30 pm
My day started in the usual way.. Stumpling to the bathroom taking a quick shower, dressing, Coffee in hand all the way and getting on the PC.. I began work early about 5:30 because I knew that I was going to cut it short today.. Tiff brought some meat over on her way to work and I started us a big pot of stew for dinner because we are making POPCORN balls tonight.. Halloween tradition handed down from my Mom.. Well about noon and DH called and needed some survey things filled out on line and printed for a major oil company.. So I throw it in high gear fill in the basics and got my little printer smoking.. Well I didn't get done but I snatched some stew.. No completely done but close.. to take to FIL for his dinner and left to meet Tiff at FIL's to take them shopping.. We had a great time.. FIL is such a loving man with a great sense of humor.. My husband is so much like him it hurts..
When our shopping trip had come to a end I told him I had to hurry home and get the rest of my work done before his son fires me.. He just laughed and said you tell him Dad needed you today.. I gave him a big hug and laughed but inside I wanted to cry.. Funny how including him in Tiff's and my shopping trip made his day.. I know he gets so lonely and with all that is going on in his life right now I am sure he has needs that we don't see.
When I got home.. I got the Printer running.. Tiff is here making the cornbread to go with the stew Chet comes home and he is ready to make those popcorn balls.. then the phone rings I find out that I have a Aunt in the hospital.. I called Tracy and asked her to look in on her before or after her shift at the hospital.. then phone rings again.. it is my best buddy Norma.. we have to get the plans down for our little trip to see the fall foliage this week-end.. then the phone rings yet again.. David is hunting Tiffani.. They play a double header softball games tonight.. Well enough said.. Into high gear one more time ~ We Ate ~ turn the answering machine on AND went to the ballgame.. What a day.. But a lovely one filled with family and friends.. and a little work.. but the popcorn balls will have to wait until tomorrow night.. But Tracy will not be working tomorrow night so she can join us.. SO IT IS A GOOD THING.. :O)

Wednesday, Oct 30

Abt noon

Cool and windy on the home front this morning. When walking to the mail box I should have had on a light jacket..
Tracy checked on my Aunt early this morning seems she might get to come home today.. It is sad that she has been in there ever since Saturday and no one let me know. Oh well sometimes I think the PC is a great communication tool and other times it isn't.. Seems like family loves to fwd things to you but can't seem to type a line to let you know what is going on in their life.. Gee I hate it when I start whinning about things I can't control.
That is my down fall trying to control things that are out of my control.. Praying on this one big time.. God IS good ALL the TIME.
I am ready to make those Popcorn balls.. Having Chicken for supper but I haven't decided how I am going to fix it. Tiffani is going by Robins after she gets off of work first to help her with Halloween decorations then I think she is coming out here to help make the popcorn balls.. HAPPY BIRTHDAY ROBIN..
If you have a minute I have a poem on my site about October Leaves written many years ago by one of my distant cousins ~ Emma ..

Tuesday, Oct 31

A couple more poems on my site that Emma had written that I wanted to share this morning.
Fancy Halloween and October
~ Emma lived to be over 100 I can almost feel the time frame of her writings..
Last night we made those Popcorn balls.. MOMs were better.. but they turned out OK.. Tiffani, Robin and I had fun making them.. It was their first time to make them so now they know how.. Tracy had company from her college days come to her house so she didn't get to be here with us.
Got to get to work... KP is coming over to help me get my cabinets and assorted drawers emptied and cleaned out before the holidays get here.. We might even tackle that back storage room.. Naw.. we will save that for next week.
I have a hair appointment at noon.. This Oklahoma weather has made it fall flat as a fiddle.. LOL
When Chester got home me ate leftover soup and Grill cheese sandwiches.. Now we are ready to have some trick or treaters or just curl up and watch T.V.


Back to the TOP

November, 2002
Friday, November 1
Usually the only trick or treaters we have are family but this year we had 3 different sets of treaters and none of them were family.. First we Jennifer children they live a south of us.. the other set I have never seen before but they sure were polite and cute.. The last group was Robert and Misty children.. Robert came after POPCORN balls.. LOL.. Their children we all so sweet but Roberts kido's were the best.. They had found a outfit of a pumpkin for the baby sooo cute..
After Surviors I did a little bog hopping late last night and found this cute blinkie..
Blinkie by mommy's graphics

I hope everyone had a great Halloween we did..
I love the fall set I am using here.. Thanks Tea for making them available as linkware. HUGS..

Sunday, November 3
Abt. 9:30 pm


When I start this entry out with GOD is GOOD all the time I hope you understand it comes from the greatest desire to praise my Savior and all the blessings that he daily gives me..
Here is one of the great blessing he has given me ..FRIENDS....

The four of us shared a great week-end together traveling about 795 miles from our home and back when we went through the Talimeana Scenic Drive

We had soooo much fun.. We laughed.... and laughed some more.
The weather wasn't exactly what we had wished for but it really didn't matter we were getting away for the week-end with our best friends..
It was misting rain when we left Saturday morning and continue all day..Sometimes light sometimes heavy.
By nightfall up on Magazine mountain, AR, the fog was so thick "you could cut it with a knife." Then the rain started falling harder which brought on more fog.. LOL Oh well we had a blast.
This was a trip that we will cherish in our memories forever..
I took way to many pictures of foliage but it was really pretty even with the weather.
Thanks Leo and Norma for helping us capture these Kodiak moments...

All pictures on Talimena page have been reduced in size for better loading time.

Monday, November 4
Abt: 3 pm
In Oklahoma tomorrow Voting is important as usual but also because of the animal rights measures on the ballot... One link to this issue can be found here. Ban Cockfighting
State Question 687 requires a "yes" vote, so it is important that voters take time to read the ballot language to avoid confusion. In this case "yes" means no to cockfighting.
I am not supporting or protesting cockfighting I am just confused on if other animal sports as hunting and rodeo's will somehow be affected by my vote.. Need to do some quick research on this before tomorrow.
I will take a stand and say I am against cockfighting but but but but..
I have been feeling a little punny today.. To much fun this last week-end I guess and my body is paying for it.. So I will catch up around here later. I hope.

Tuesday, November 5
Abt: 11 am
DH came by and picked me up and we went and cast our Votes... I hope they have a good turn out at the polls for this election. I was #44 but that isn't bad because there are sometimes less than a 100 that vote at the polls were we vote. It will be interesting to watch the results this evening. My oldest Sisters DH is running for re-election as our county commissioner. YOU GOT MY VOTE KH.. I wonder if there is going to be a watch party.. I need to contact Sis to see.. If anyone that is reading this and hasn't VOTED yet please do.
On the way to Vote, which is only a couple of miles from our home went go by my Dad's and his wifes home.. Dad was outside.. Gee my heart skips a beat when DH ask if I wanted to stop and say hello.. We pull over on the side of the road and visit for a short while.. It is always such a strain everyone watching to make sure they don't say anything out of the way.. It almost makes one think that we are only neighbors. Oh well it has been a hard 11 years since Mom died. He did tell me My oldest brother is no longer living there.. He has a place of his own now in town.. It was like I had to drag the where out of Dad. Did he think I was going to stop by uninvited?? WHERE IS OUR CLOSE FAMILY WE USE TO HAVE?? It's there I know it is just covered with alot of pain. :O(
My Aunt B is home from the hospital.. Prayers for her. I need to make a dish or two to take to her house. I will add that to this weeks to do list.

DH, Jim and Tracy have taken FIL for his appointment.. Now I wait and pray.. We won't have any news today I am sure but if I get any I will update. HUGS to all that have had my FIL on their prayer list. Thank you Norma, Lou and Bobbie Lou for calling us to check on him.

Wednesday, November 6
Abt: Midnight
Brother in law was relected as County commissioner.. Yea way to go.. I am so proud for him he really does try to do a good job.
Aunt Berniece is back in the hospital again. The cancer is invading her body in leap and bounds.. Prayers..
FIL's appointment yesterday was not what he expected.. Samples of his fleam is to be taken in Friday for testing to see if they can tell what type of cancer he has.. They are 99% sure he does have cancer in one lung.
I did get payroll done that was a big relief as much trouble that I have had the last few days with my PC I was beginning to wonder.. I contacted gateway again about my runme errors and they again say their is nothing they can do but a complete overhaul. This I am hoping can wait until after a purchase a new PC for use of company things only.. Oh well that has been on the burner for awhile now so this will probably crash and cause many headaches...
David and Robin came out tonight and we played 3 games of cards.. It is great to have company and DH loves playing cards.. Tracy, Destry and Brooklin came by to visit and to pick up some things that Tracy had faxed here from the Ada hospital. It was good to see her.. I have been missing that smile of hers. Well goodnight I hope all is well at Nancze I will have to check in with her tomorrow I am calling it a night.. Thank you for your prayers..
GOD is good.. All the time..


Thursday, November 7
I should be working through lunch and getting others things done but this morning I ran acoss these cutes and had to bring them into my nest..
Home Tweet Home
              GOD IS GOOD ALL THE TIME.

Abt: 10 pm
I had to make a run to the bank and of course I had to stop at wal-mart on the way home.. Glad I did they had the fall silk flowers on 1/2 price already.. Do I have to say it?? Yep I brought way to many..
Received mail from Omega Clark.. It is great to hear from her.. :O)


Friday, November 8
Sat Morning.
Tracy has found 60 acres she is wanting to purchase.. It has all the utilites on it one barn, a trailer home and 3 ponds.. The price in MHO isn't good but I also know when you find somthing you want that you will pay more for it..

A couple new blinkies from MeMeanns.. Thank you for making one for the birds.


I got to share ~ GIZMO MY GRANDPUP ~ Waiting on his Mom

With DH going on his little week-end hunting trip I was glad to have him here with me today.. Just wish he was staying the night but Mom wants him home.. LOL


Saturday, November 9
Abt:8:00 am
Tiff and Kevin have softball games today so that is where I will be.. Our Oklahoma weather has turned for the better for the time being so it will be the perfect ball weather..
Abt. 9 p.m.
I went to the games they began at 10 a.m. and was over around 7 p.m... David and Robin brought their little T.V. to the ballpark so I got to watch the Sooners get beat by Texas A&M :O(    Kevin ended up having to work.. A hot shot trip to LOUSIANA.... He won't be home for the games or in time for supper :O(..
After 5 games, Tiffani and David's team won the league and the tournment.. Way to go guys and gals.

David, Don, Arik, Kevin S., Eldon, Jason B.
Robin, Kelly, Tiffani, Courtney, Donna, Natalie and Pam.


Sunday, November 10
Abt: 8 p.m.
~Lazy day around here.. Played with Christmas colorsheets from the playroom. I still have a few to do yet but it is a fun activity.. Got the schooldays site set with a tribute to the veterans and also started on my blog Veterans post.. I am so proud that so many of my family severed or are serving our county..
DH got home about 2 pm I am so glad he had a good time.. NO BIRDS... the weather was way to warm to be pheasant hunting.. I LOVE MY MAN..
Small bump found on right breast.. I will make a appointment to have this looked at Tuesday.. Oh my!

Monday, November 11

Chester Dean, Corp., War War II
Chester W. Dean, Sergent E6, OK National Guard
Jess Dean, War War II
Jim Dean, OK National Guard
Jimmie L. Dean Jr., prvt. OK Nat. Guard
Arthur McCaleb, War War II
O.W. Cox, War War II
Charles E. Dean, Army
Horace "Jockie Dean, Army
Richard Beely, Vietnam conflict
Virginia Louise Dean Lamer, U.S. Marine
Vernon Kelley, War War II
Ray McCaleb, Navy
Kenneth Holden, OK Reserve
Odis Cox, Ssgt, Army
Kenneth Cox, Ssgt, Army
Brian Cox, Army
Brent Baker, Ssgt, Air Force
James F.Cox, Navy
Jim Piper, US Marines ~ US Air Force
Enoch Ambrose Whobrey, Seaman First Class, Navy
Charles Edward Whobrey, Private First Class, US Army
Charles Edward Whobrey, Master Sgt, US AirForce
Phillip Geoffrey Willingham, Navy
Joseph William (Bill) Glenn, Captain, Army
William T. Whobrey, Sergeant first class, US Army
Roger A. Whobrey, US Army
Paul Whobrey, US Army
Jakie C. Whobrey, Army

Family Military Tribute
P.O.W. ~ My Father In Law

Tiffani, Robin and I went to the City shopping.. First stop was to show Tiffani where David worked then on to the furniture stores.. Then of course we had to stop and have lunch.. We chose Boomarang which none of us had ate at before and we were all surprised how good it was.. I had a Chicken breast topped with mushrooms, grilled onions and bacon with that toped with assorted cheeses.. Yummmm..
Well we shoped until we droped but next Tuesday my new livingroom funiture should be here.. 5 pieces I couldn't find new tables so that will come later on another shoping trip.. We were way over due getting new furniture.. It is a Bummer living so far away that they only deliver once a week in my area. But this will give me time to get ready for it..

Tuesday, November 12

Busy busy day... First work and work some more but I think I am getting caught up after taking Monday off. Gizmo was here with me today but he was in a very lazy mood. Picture of My Grandpup in November 8th journal entry.

I had to be at Tiffs for the furniture place to pick up one of her recliners to have it repaired about 3:30. While Gizmo and I was there I let the air out of the swimming pool toys after that was done I got to thinking I sure hope Tiff wanted them deflated. :O) Tiffs recliner was picked up around five then Gizmo and I went back home. Tiff was there doining the monthly payroll taxes. By the time those were done DH made it home and we ate Jo's Pizza that Tiff had brought in.. Had to have a little of that wine that we brought home from our ARK trip.. LOL.. Before we had finished eating Kevin made it in and got to eat with us..
Being early but dark already we played 3 games of cards.. Gee what a busy busy day.. but I love it all.. Oh yea Tiff and I finally won the sugar game.. Haahee.
Norma called today she made it in to read my journal.. Thanks Norma for calling and checking on me.. You are the best of best.. My Friends: Leo and Norma in November 3rd journal entry.

When the new furniture comes in Norma and I will go shopping for material to make some pillows.. Congrats Norma on the purchase of your new Camera I hope you are as happy with it as you were your first one.
BTW: Talked to Robin their insurance is going to come out and look at the water damage that happened last Friday when a pipe busted while she was at work.. :O) I hope they get that settled fast so that their wood floors aren't damaged beyond repair.

Wednesday, November 13
Abt: 8:30 am
Received the 2002 Quick books program.. Now to take time to get it installed.. I also renewed the Quick Books help service which will be good to November 21, 2003.
Another busy day ahead.. Get 15th's bills paid, I need to go to the bank for work and also get my DL renewed.
I have been trying to make some new blinkies in the evenings but my PS animation shop is not working right.. It is making the words split.. Humm I will figure it out yet..

Thursday, November 14
Abt: 4:30 pm
I took FIL to the Doctor and it was a tiring day for us both.. Dr Roe told us the results were inculusive but that didn't mean that he had cancer it just meant they didn't know.. and that if it was cancer surgery would not be a option considering his age and his enflueza.. Also that FIL needs to be on oxygen and for us to go to the lung doctor and see if it he will order it.. 2 hours later and many trips from one place to another we finally got the request filled.. The oxygen will be delivered tomorrow.
Tiff had a Dr appointment in Norman and Tracy had a nursing meeting this morning abt scheduling. Many unhappy nurses with the complete change. The girls meet each other and did a little Christmas shopping. I am glad to see them do things like that together.
Nephew JL called to check on FIL talked a long while about the what if and maybes.. Wanda C. called to check on FIL that is so sweet of her to be thinking of us.
DH has a terrible head cold so he will probably call it in early tonight right after the Survivor T.V. program goes off. I will watch that and then join the Chat at myfamily playroom.

Friday, November 15
Abt: 6:30 am
The survivor show is at the stage where they will start voting off the strong.. I still don't have a favorite.
A co-worker of SIL is going to come after the old livingroom suite Saturday so that will give me time to get the carpets cleaned or at least vacumed good before the new get here Tuesday the 19th.
I worked on annimation last night and finally with Lloyds help from the playroom figured out what I had been doing wrong.. This is a throw together but it will do for the Thanksgiving holiday.

Saturday, November 16
Abt: 9:30 am
Last night after work, DH, Tiff, SIL and I went to the city and purchased a new desk cabinet.. Having two computers I didn't want both monitors showing.. The family already calls me a computer nerd.. :O) It wasn't really what we wanted but it was in our price range. Afterwards we went to Cattlemans to eat.. It was really good.
I made a couple new blinkies late last night.. Need to practice..:O)

UPDATE on todays events: SIL and his coworker came after our livingroom suite so we now have only bean bags to sit on until this coming Tuesday.. That is OK with DH because that is where he sits most of the time anyway.
DH mowed and ran the weed-eater to get the lawn ready for winter while I gathered and stacked the tree that had fell this summer. DH burned it since the wind was fairly calm.
I moved some rocks around at the pond and found out real quick I am as far out of shape as the pond is..but the pond does look so much better..
We called it quits around 5pm. David and Robin came out and we went to Sonic to get supper which we brought back to our house and set in for a night of cards.. :O) Tiff and Kevin came over so we had a blast.. Tracy was at Destry's parents, they were having a birthday party for his little girl.

Sunday, November 17
Abt: 8:00 pm
Norma called and asked about My Journal addy which reminded me I hadn't been in here today.. So HERE I AM !!!
Today is a lay back kind of day and I am glad considering I can hardly move from working in the yard yesterday.. I really need to start exercising on a daily basic. Yea Right! that would mean getting off my back side.. and out from in-front of the computer.
DH got the computer cabinet put together.. Whew he is a sweetie it took him all afternoon but he did a great job.
Trash is all hauled off from picking up the yard and straightening the garage yesterday so we feel that we actually got something accomplished this week-end. Now if I just had my ironing done.. LOL.
Tracy was suppose to work 7 pm - 7 am but the supervisior called her about 5 pm and said she could stay home and be on call until 11 pm.. Well about 9 pm they called her in.

Monday, November 18
After work I got the living curtains taken down, washed and dryed.. Started ironing them but I only got one set done when DH came home.. We fried some chicken and it seemed like by the time we ate and cleaned up the kitchen it was time to go to bed. I didn't even get online this evening.
Robin stopped by for a minute, David is in Kansas working.. She had been out delivering shower gifts to Sis to take to Mindi and brother to take to Laura.. I still got to get something bought.
The girls are doing their own thing tonight.. Tiffani was cleaning her ice box when I talked to her..I need to do that.. Tracy was not going to do anything that I know of.
I can tell that I am getting that lovely head cold that DH had last week.. Bummer.

Tuesday, November 19
ABT: 6:30 am
The old saying early to bed early to rise is true today.. I got up at 4:30.. My nose is running like a faucet..
The curtains are all ironed and tops are all rehung but I couldn't get the bottoms back on the rods before DH had to go to work.. I think Tracy is coming out today so maybe with her help we can get them back up..
I emptied two boxes of misc that had been collecting in the backroom.. I think I need to pull the pickup to the window and just start chunking things out the window into it.. :O) A pot of red (Pinto) beans is cooking for supper, Kevin will be tickled since they are coming over tonight.. Sally from the myfamily.com playroom sent me a jar of her Sally's Salsa to try. I had some Sunday with chips and it was delicious so I will try some on my Beans and cornbread tonight. Thank you Sally.. I will be getting me some when it hits the shelves in Oklahoma.
This is pay week so I better get off of here and get my livingroom finished and get working..
THE LIVINGROOM FURNITURE COMES TODAY... Yea I am tired of setting on the floor..
The day is coming to a end with a relaxing night of sitting on the new furniture, well DH sleeping on it getting it broke in right. :O)
I had gotten on line to check my email and wow I had a tag from Nancze.. I am glad she is back on line and all is OK with her.
I am fighting a head cold so I am going to sign back off but wanted to let NANCZE know her on line friends missed her.. Had it only been 11 days?? It felt like months.
Adding to my Prayer List: Jerry D. ~ Michael C.

Wednesday, November 20
Secretary meeting at Cox city went well it lasted about 2 hours covering the new codes that will be used in invoicing in the year 2003. DH also set in on the meeting which is good :O) Afterwards DH, Robert and I had lunch at the Ranch house.
After lunch DH came home to do the safety survey. It took us over 2 hours to answer all those questions. We are glad to get that behind us..
Norma called and told me about a tax class that is being offered at Duncan Vo-tech.. I just don't think that it would benefit me so I told her Nope not me.. Thanks for thinking of me Norma..
Tracy is still trying to get her mind made up on a possible job change and of course she still has her eyes on purchasing the land.. Hugs Tracy being in the real world is not always so much fun.
Around 7 pm insurance salesperson came for his appointment with us. We took out the cancer insurance.. Humm sure hope we made the right choice.. We have to continue being cancer free for 30 days before the policy will be in effect. That I plan on doing.
DH got on the computer.. Yea.. He is learning and did a little surfing looking at hunting sites.
Praise God the Bump busted.

Thursday, November 21
I feel so far behind with work.. I didn't get anything done yesterday because of the meeting and filling out the survey so I have to get my nose in the books today... Payroll today no choice..
No plans that I am aware of tonight but it is way to early to know.. LOL
Kassi came out today and did the general house plus did the oven.. She said she isn't with her man anymore. Hugs goes to Kassi.

Friday, November 22
The weather man says that we are fixing to have a change in our weather so I guess I will do my town errans this morning as soon as employees wives have picked up their DH's paychecks.              My Town List.
CB left for Houston today.. Her children are taking her to Disneyworld for the holidays.. Leave Dumbo in Flordia CB... LOL
I want to back TR on her job change but I feel that it might be wrong for her. My only objection is the drive so I have to step back, shut my trap and let her lead her own life.. Hugs TR.
Praise: Michael is home from the hospital and doing well. Father in-law is adjusting to his home oxygen.

I am still trying to learn the art of making my own blinkies.. :O)

Click to see other MyNest BlinkiesClick to see other MyNest Blinkies

Saturday, November 23
My day started early.. Tracy was calling at 7:30 saying she was coming by.. She got a turkey from her work place for Thanksgiving and she hasn't got room for it so she is bringing it us.. Thanks Tracy that is one thing off my town list..
Tiff was right behind her bringing breakfast for the three of us.. Gee I think they had this planned. :O)
Tracy went home to bed and Tiff and I went to Tories baby shower.. Her mom, Betty always does the cutes decorations for showers and such.. Torie has the baby's room all done it is so cute.
I got all the baby shower and wedding shower money delivered.. December 7th Laura gets married, Mindi's baby is due December 21 and Tories baby is due January 14th.
JA brought up the subject of Christmas at her house if Mindi isn't in labor.. Tiff suggested instead of everyone bringing snacks that we buy Subway sandwiches for the group.. Gee tiff that is alot of sands.. LOL.. Well Sherri gave her 20. for her to begin the purchase.. LONG STORY... It doesn't really matter as long as we get together.
About noon DH came by to get me for shopping... Tiff and Kevin joined us so we ate Mexican food at Sooner Mall.. Wow the mall was packed.
Then off to Wal-mart.. $200.00 later I THINK I have all my goodies for Thanksgiving.. :O)
We barely got home and grocrey put away in time for the OU VS Texas Tech game.. YEEAAAA OU won ..
The kids left at half time.. I think they realized dear mom was done in and would be calling it a night soon.. I didn't make it through the game I was asleep on the love seat.
I do forget that others read my journal and when I finally got home last night and listened to my phone messages there was a question from Norma on who I was refering to on my prayer list. Jerry is my DH first cousin and Michael is his 2nd cousin. Sorry Norma. I will try to explain better.
DH brought me my tennis shoes to wear shopping.. He is so sweet.. Well I changed out of my dress shoes.. But darn it.. Now that I am home and the Sub is unloaded I can only find one of my dress shoes.. Guess I kicked one out at Walmart.. BUMBER!! It is a good thing my head is attached or I would loose it.
Got to hide Thanksgiving is almost here.


Sunday, November 24
OUR PLANS are to go eat breakfast.. Then come home and get the Christmas outside decorations out and taken to Tiff's.. Kevin is going to love us for this.. LOL
We just don't want to get into the large decorations this year or so DH says... Well there are some that I can do myself and they will be put out.. Norma and Leo made me the cutes candy cane last year.. I will be getting the lights checked on it for sure..
PRAYER list: A online friend hubby is having a difficult time with finding employment. JD your job search is in my prayers.

I got this cutie tonight in my email.. I love them. Nancze you made my day.. Thank you..

At the Playroom Ann, Tea and I had a blast dressing these little sweeties. I wish I knew whom to give credit to the original artist to but I don't.


Monday, November 25
I canceled my Dr appointment.. Will reschedule for the first of January..
Our neighbor, Troy, came by to let us know that he was the one that picked the guienea up off the road when it was hit.. Thanks Troy..
Can you believe it.. Norma signed my tag board.. Thanks Norma.. Tell Garlin when he has some deer Chili ready to give us a call.. You lost a shoe in WY and I lost one in Norman.. So was it your left or right?? I lost my right one.. Guess we could paint them to look alike and call it a new pair.. One tennis and one leather dress.. Never know we could start a trend.. LOL I can't believe you have your tree already up.. Gee whiz I better get a move on.. DH checked the candy cane and all the lights are still working.. After Thanksgiving when I get it set, I will take a picture of it and put on here.
I visited Nancze and she has these adorable little graphics to adopt.. Thanks Nancze for sharing your talent..


Tuesday, November 26
The silly tag board has been down all day..Thanks Nancze for letting me know you visited and for the beautiful card you placed in my guestbook..
From Nancze left in my guestbook

Busy day ~~ Tried to get my work caught up.. At noon I went to Tiffs to meet the furniture company that is finally bringing her recliner back from getting it repaired.. Then back home to do some much over looked housekeeping and ironing... DH made it in around 7pm we ate a quick supper and he kicked back in front of the t.v. and I keep doing housework.. Well I will not complain he usually will help out but things at work are a little crazy for him.


Wednesday, November 27
I see the tag boards are working this morning.. I am going to do some quick blog hopping before I start work to wish everyone I can a Happy Thanksgiving.
This silly cold is hanging on.. My ears are clogged and my nose is stuffed.. LOL and I have a million things to do today.
The girls and their men should be here for supper tonight and some pre Thanksgiving cooking.. I love it when the girls come over the night before the holiday to help out... God has blessed us with two great young ladies.
I composed and sent out Happy Thanksgiving notes to those that I have addresses for on Maysville School Days..
I just love Thanksgiving--the company of friends and family, the TURKEY & DRESSING, the crisp air! We're expecting cool air in these parts tomorrow, but it doesn't look like it will be a white Thanksgiving. :-)
I'm looking forward to a blessed holiday season. This holiday season, we will try to focus on your blessings and remember the true meaning of Christmas--which is God's love for us through His Son, Jesus.
Lots of love! Happy Thanksgiving to all.
Wednesday night: The girls made a Italian cream cake, cheese cake and a pumpkin pie for the holidays.. Destry and his children were with Tracy so the kids got to help and taste. We made homemade burritos and enchalidas for supper then we played a couple of games of rummy. Kevin didn't eat..he said he had a late lunch, I hope that is all that it was. My prayers are with you big guy..


Thursday, November 28: Thanksgiving 2002
received from Andreee 11-27-2002

When I got around to checking my email I had a great cute card from Andree.

Thank you I hope you and your family had a great Thanksgiving.
Wow My first blog Award.. Thanks Andree.
received from Andreee 11-27-2002http://clik.to/andree

Thanksgiving day started a little late for me. DH being the sweetie that he is thought he would let me sleep in because we had stayed up late Wednesday night playing cards with the girls and their men. When DH remembered that it takes the Turkey at least 3 hours to cook and that we only have one oven he woke me up.. I could have cried but as ususal thing are never as bad as they seem.. Tiff sent Kevin over to get the dressing and Brocoli cassole for her to cook at her house.. Wow thanks and hugs you two for making my day run alot smoother.. Lunch was served around noon to both our girls and their men and Destry's kido's DH and I...
While the girls and I cleaned the kitchen the men settled in for their naps.. then we settled in to watch OLE Yellow with the kids.. Naps over, show over and the card games began.. David and Robin came out around 6:30 they ate and we played more cards.. Until 2:30 Friday morning.. LOL


Friday, November 29:
DH had to go in for a little while to work this morning but when he was finished he and I went to Norman shopping.. We had a great time and he finished the majority of his Christmas shopping. I still have some odd and ends to do but all the majors are done.
We ran by Kristi and Kraigs for a min to get Robby's phone number.. They have some of their Christmas decorations out.. We will need to go back to see them before the holidays are over.. We ate Mexican food at Purcell with Tiff joining us and a take home for Kevin.. We stopped in to see Tracy's FIRST christmas tree.. She did a great job decorating it..
Finally home... Kevin and gizmo meet us there.. While we unloaded and After Kevin ate we played a couple of games of canasta then we taught Tiff and Kevin how to play hearts.. LOL it is always fun to learn a new game.


Saturday, November 30:
Just a little catch up on what has been going on around here the last few days...Entries on the days that it happened. :O)
Plans for today... getting our Christmas decorations out,(DONE) tree and mantel decorated but first things first.. OU VS OSU..


My tag board isn't working again this morning.. SOON I am going to look into something different.
UPDATE: The Sooners had a terrible day.. Or OSU had a great one depending on how you look at it.. :O)Final score: Sooners Cowboys
David and Tiffani came out to watch the game.. Tiff and I took at nap at the beginning of the 4th quarter.. A girl can just take so much...:O)
After the game David went home his mom is in from Texas..but Tiff and Kevin joined us for Beans and Mexican cornbread.. and a few games of cards.. Tiff we will find our game one of these days..


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December, 2002

All is quite around here today.. Our colds are still making us want to be super lazy.. I am working on getting the tree decorated but I can't seem to stay at it.
Tracy worked last night and again tonight so her day is spent sleeping.. Tiff and Kevin are getting their decorations done.. Talked to FIL on the land line and he is doing OK ... GOD IS GOOD ALL THE TIME
There is a special lady that brings a smile to my face at the thought of her.. Thanks Nancze for sending me your Santa quilt square and this adorable adoption for us.. I am holding a snowman how sweet.. :O) I am off to put your guilt piece on my Santa quilt.. Thanks

Nancze     Nancze    Nancze

Monday, December 1

My morning ritual is loging onto the internet and pouring myself a cup a coffee.. First cup is always drank while checking my email. This morning I received these lovely ladies from Andree What a great way to start out your morning.. I love them. Merry Christmas and Thank you for the Blog Buddies
Visit Andree, received 12-02-2002   Andree & Gayla Blog buddies,12-02-2002
Last night while blogging I saw where Nancze and Bratt were making plans to meet so I asked Nancze about their little secret Her response in my tagboard. Gayla, we're meeting at Braumn in Chickasha Bratt is going to set the time. wanna join us!! Please do!! ~hugs~
Ladies I would love to but that is when my side of the family has Christmas.. I would have loved to meet you two.
Last night late I was playing around in PSP with the little dolls we dressed in the myfamily.com playroom and dressed a set for Nancze and I.. She says one of her favorite colors is purple.. :O) I am still learning, I should have made the hat lighter in color. Oh well this learning is fun..

Well I have drank that first cup of coffee and ready for the second so it is Shower time and then work. DH is trying to get tickets to the Sooner game in Houston this coming week-end so I will have to get my nose in the books..

Have a great day everyone.

Wednesday, December 4
Busy busy.. The weather has turned nasty and my cold is still hanging on but all is well over all.. FIL report wasn't really what we wanted but do to his age they will not proceed with anymore test just to determine that he does or does not have cancer.. the mase that is on his lung will be watched but that is about all they can or will do for him at this time.
I am doing to many things at one time and getting nothing done so I need to get organized.. QUICK!! LOL
The tree is decorated.. but the boxes are still all in the house. Some gifts have been wrapped but now I can't find that extra roll of tape I bought. Christmas cards list is made but I haven't penned them yet.. Oh I do not have it together this year.. :O( ~ :O(
We are going to Houston for the game so that is another thing on the plate.. I got to get the laundry done, front end lined up on the Surb.. the house picked up, ironing done and packed.. by tomorrow night PLUS PAYROLL.. Guess I better get off of here and get on with it..
HEY Norma I am glad you guys are back.. Come on up tomorrow night I will always have time for you two.. HUGS...

Thank you Sindee for this beautiful Holiday wishes.
Visit Sindee,12-04-2002
Also see it display on my 2002 Christmas page.

Thursday, December 5
The weather has turned beautiful today.. As they say if you don't like the weather just stick around it will change.. Oklahoma seems to flip flop from one degreee to the other.. But I love living here.
Getting ready for the Trip to Houston for the Sooner game.. Hair appointment today at 2 pm, Laundry and ironing still being done a never ending story, some Christmas cards made out, Payroll finished but I still need to work on holiday bonus checks.. The surb. is in the shop getting the front end lined up for our trip to Houston. David and Robin are going with us.. Yeppee this will be fun no matter the out come of the game.. Robby is making our reservations so we will be staying in a motel close to his home.. Esmie will not be home she is going to Laradeo to see her parents for the holidays.
Now to get finished with work so I can play some..
I requested these little sweeties from Tea's Graphics.. Thank you so much Tea for making these especialy for us. Hugs.
Special Adoption from Tea's Graphics, 12-05-2002    Tea Ann & Gayla Playroompals,12-05-2002
We will always be friends no matter the paths we travel.



Friday, December 6
We got our tickets for the Soooner game Saturday and hope to be leaving out today sometime.. I am packed but still have some odd and ends things to do before we leave..
We will need some of this SATURDAY

I wanted to share some of my inside decorations.. The pictures don't do our tree justice and it isn't leaning.. LOL.. maybe I will take a better picture later.. :O)
will post sometime next week.. DH is going to be on vacation so I won't be playing on the PC very much..


Monday, December 9
We made it home about 12:30 a.m. from the Houston Area.. We had a great time but how could we not "THE SOONER WON"
Things we did while we were down in the Houston Area.. We went across the
Hartman Bridge
which has eight lanes of traffic on twin 78-foot-wide decks. The decks are supported at their edges by multi-strand cables, in a fan-type arrangement, radiating from the 435-foot-high tower tops. The bridge is currently the world’s second largest cable-stayed bridge in terms of overall deck area.

We didn't enter but we went by the

San Jacinto Park & Monument

Kemah Boardwalk

Battleship TEXAS
On the way back to Robby's house we rode the Lynchbury ferry that also allowed us to go by where Robby works.. When we got back to Robbys the men were itching to get to the Reliant statium so off we went to join Ron Shaffer in a Tailgate party.. The stadium was unreal in size..
12-07-2002    12-07-2002

They didn't close the dome but the weather was fairly nice so it didn't really matter.
Sunday Morning we went over to Vinton Louisiana for some one arm bandit.. at Delta Downs casino and race track.. It was a neat place way out in the country.. We stayed to about 3 p.m. then started home. We ate at a nice little local restuarant. Stoped at the Texas information center that had a great walk way out into the waterway resesover.. That was our only major stops on the way home.

Be Sure and Mark the calendar for the Rose Bowl No. 8 Oklahoma vs. No. 7 Washington State
PASADENA, CALIF. | Wednesday, Jan. 1, 2 p.m. ET, ABC



Tuesday, December 10
All is quite on the home front.. We are going Christmas shopping today.. In hopes to finish up..
Tea and Nancze are under the weather.

I thought I would try one of those get to know me..
This-or-That TUESDAYS: December 10, 2002
1. Real or artificial tree? Artificial and love it.. In our 30 years of marriage our first 3 Christmas trees were real and I hated the mess.OUR TREE

2. Real or artificial wreath?None our door doesn't allow it but before they were always artifical.

3. Open gifts on Christmas Eve or Christmas Day (or do you do another holiday such as Hannukkah)? When the girls were still living at home and Santa made his visits we opened gifts on Christmas Eve.. For 5 years, now that the girls have their own homes we open on Christmas Morning. This is the first year in 27 years that the girls haven't been here on Christmas Eve waking to Santa on Christmas Morning.. They say they are going to come over Christmas morning this year so the tradition changes again with many more changes to come I am sure when they have families of their own... :O)

4. "It's A Wonderful Life" or "Miracle on 34th Street"? Miracle on 34th Street

5. Outdoor decorations, or just indoors?We have both but this year we only put out one Candy Cane outdoor decoration.. We use to do the whole front of our acre maybe when we have grandkids we will again do it.

6. "Santa Claus Is Coming to Town" or "Rudolph The Red-Nosed Reindeer"? Love them both but I guess I humm Santa Claus is Coming to town more often

7. Miniature lights or the larger ones? Minature steady glow and blinkies I believe this year I have 8 strands of 250 half blinkies and stedy glow. I do love lights. Then we have lights around the mantel.

8. Store-bought or hand-made ornaments? We have a little of all on our tree. This year I changed the topper to a more county look ~ Grapevine Star ~ replaced the pearl beads with wooden canberry beads and added rafia bows

9. TV Specials: The Grinch or Charlie Brown? Charlie Brown I never really got into the new Grinch TV Special.

10. Will you be staying at home for the holiday, or going visiting? Staying home. We are blessed that our family lives close.

I adopted a new blinkie. Thanks Marsha for making this sweetie
Marsha's Graphic Garden, 12-10-02



Wednesday, December 11



Thursday, December 12

Thank you Tea for allowing me to offer them as a adoption from My Nest.. HUGS!!!!



Sunday, December 15
I wanted to let eveyone know I am fine that DH and I are enjoying our last day of our vacation being lazy. Thanks to each of you that have requested the adoption of the Snowfriends I beleive I have them all sent out to those that requested one so be watching your email for it..

Monday, December 16
I have had such a busy busy day my eyes are tired from trying to catch up on my bookwork that I neglected with last weeks vacation. But when your on vacation your not suppose to have to work..:O)
I have received some great gifts from my
Special Playroom Santa..
~ Thank you Tea for each lovely gift....
I am also displaying my gifts from her on the same page as I have the 2002 quilt pieces and Christmas Cards. When you have a chance I hope you will visit. She even made me a new page set. :O)
Worked until about 8pm gee whiz I am tired..
Mindi had a little girl.. Congrats Mindi and Jeff ~ 6 lbs 6 ounces ~ Kycee Shale.


Tuesday December 17, 2002
Thank you Nancze for this beautiful bird Christmas card.. I do love to watch and feed my wild birds..

I am going to have another busy day here at work.. Payroll and getting as much done so that I won't have to work so much Christmas week. Yea right..

Tiffani and Kevin's dinning room table and chairs they bought Saturday were delivered today.. Good and bad news on that.. The table had big scrapes on it and they didn't bring the captain chairs. So she had to call and throw a fit and they are suppose to bring a new table Tuesday and the chairs.. Seems like you can't get decent service anymore.They came over and cooked speggetti and David and Robin came over also so after supper we played a game of rummy.. David won again.
Hugs everyone.

I received this in a email tonight and I wanted to share it and my email to my local Oklahoma City ABC newstation.
Dear ABC ChannelOklahoma.com
I thought I would let you know this email is being sent around and it greatly destresses me.. If the email is or isn't true I would like to be advised.. The comments by ABC webmaster greatly disturbes me..
I await a response since your station is aired on ABC.. Thank you
Gayla ~~~~

Subject: ABC - TV
Remember, this little company is owned by Disney. I felt that you'd want to see this complaint from Coach Neugent to ABC and their response to him. I'm sure this E-mail is going to get a tremendous amount of circulation. Buford Langston, Brenham, Texas
Jim Neugent is a coach in Childress, Texas. Jim writes:
My name is Jim Neugent. I wrote to ABC (on-line) concerning a program called "THE PRACTICE." In last nights episode, one of the lawyer's mothers decided she is gay and wanted her son to go to court and help her get a marriage license so she could marry her 'partner,'
I sent the following letter to ABC yesterday and really did not expect a reply, but I did get one. My original message was: ABC is obsessed (or should I say abscessed) with the subject of homosexuality. I will no longer watch any of your attempts to convince the world that homosexuality is OK. THE PRACTICE can be a fairly good show, but last night's program was so typical of your agenda. You picked the dufus' of the office to be the one who was against the idea of his mother being gay and made him look like a whiner because he had convictions. This type of mentality calls people like me a "gay basher." Read the first chapter of Romans (that's in the Bible) and see what the apostle Paul had to say about it.... He, God and Jesus were all 'gay bashers'. What if she'd fallen in love with her cocker spaniel? Is that an alternative lifestyle? (By the way, the Bible speaks against that, too.)
--Jim Neugent

Here is ABC's reply from the ABC on-line webmaster:
How about getting your nose out of the Bible (which is ONLY a book of stories compiled by MANY different writers hundreds of years ago) and read the declaration of independence (what our nation is built on) where it says "All Men are Created equal" --and try treating them that way for a change! Or better yet, try thinking for yourself and stop using an archaic book of stories as your lame crutch for your existence. You are in minority in this country and your boycott will not affect us or our freedom of expression.

Jim Neugent's second response to ABC:
Thanks for your reply. From your harsh reply, evidently I hit a nerve. I will share it with all with whom I come in contact. Hopefully, the Arkansas Democrat Newspaper will include it in one of their columns and I will be praying for you.
-Jim Neugent
Note: Wouldn't Satan just love it if people stopped using the Bible for a crutch?
Jim Neugent

I hate forward emails but believe me if I find out this little email is on the up and up ..


Wednesday, December 18

Thank you Tea

Remember LADIES Tea made me a adoption

Well I just heard that Conceso insurance if filing Chapter 11 .. Well go figure that is our Cancer and heart insurance company. Maybe it isn't going to effect our insurance:

Latest News Conseco, Inc. Reaches Agreement in Principle on Restructuring with Banks and Bondholders
Files Voluntary Petitions to Reorganize Under Chapter 11
Insurance Operations Not Included in Filing...



Thursday December 19:
The morning started out great I meet Norma, Tracy and Erin T. and her little boys at town for breakfast where we had a blast talking about Tracy plans of marriage to Destry.. Then we all decided to go to Wal-Mart to get Tracy some type of booklet so she could begin her Wedding planning journal, As I pulled into WalMart I realized I had a voice mail on my mobile as I was parking and checking my voice mail life turned upside down..It was my FIL saying he was sick and needed a ambulance to take him to the hospital. My heart did a flip when I realized the message was a hour old. Norma and Tracy left their cars at WalMart, I called DH and he called for a ambulance and we were all on our way to FIL's home.. I asked Tracy to call a local RN that lives in FIL's home town and ask her to meet us there which she did.. Thanks Bobby Lou.. To make Long story short we got a ambulance to take him to the VA hospital in OKC with all of us following behind.. We picked Tiffani up at her work on our way to the City.. After a very long day FIL was dignosed with pneumonia. With the mass and the influnenza he has a battle ahead of him.. He was stable on oxygen and antobitics ~SP??~ when we left at 9:30 so we could return in time to see the doctor in the morning. A big THANKS to NORMA, Tracy, Tiffani and DH for helping make this day bearable.. HUGS


Friday December 20:
FIL seems to be feeling some better but is now spitting up blood.. They took a sample of it to the lab but I am sure with the week-end we won't hear the results of it until the first of next week.
I appreciate your prayers for him and he does also. Thank you.
Kassi came out today for about 1 1/2 hours. DH and I got in from OKC about 10 pm we are both very tired.. He has to work tomorrow so I will be going back to see FIL when Tiff gets off work at noon.. Nite all.



Saturday December 21:
Going to visit FIL at the hospital, hopefully I will have time to squeeze in some last minute Christmas shopping while I am in OKC.. Tonight we have our family gathering for my side of the family. Have a great Saturday everyone.
God Bless you and yours.
Saturday-8: "Jesus of Nazareth"
  1. Based on your own belief and faith: Who is Jesus?
    ***Jesus is the son of God***

  2. When was the first time you heard about That Name?
    ***Since I was a small child***

  3. If your first language is not English, or if you knew other language than English: How do you spell and pronounce "Jesus"?
    ***I have no idea***

  4. What is His best physical feature, based on the pictures you see?

  5. If Jesus still lived on earth today, what do you think He might be wearing?
    ***Not name brand***

  6. Do you believe in Angels? Explain.
    ***Yes, I believe in the word of God (BIBLE) and it speaks of angels so how could I not believe in ANGELS***

  7. What is your religion? Do you practice it?
    ***Baptist and Yes***

  8. If you had a chance to have a dinner with God - just you and God - what is the main personal thing you want to ask from Him? What would be the first question you might ask Him?
    ***I hope that I would listen to what he has to say and not ask anything.***


Sunday December 22:
DH and Tracy went to see his Dad. Mckayla was with Tiffani and Kevin for the day so they came over. Tiff and I made peanut brittle and chex mix while Kevin took advantage and slept the afternoon away. About 4 pm DH made it back home then David and Robin came over to join us in chicken enchalidas and of course a game of rummy. Tracy came out for a little while but she didn't join in on the eats or cards.


Monday December 23
DH was going to get his dad today and bring him home but FIL was sick at his stomach last night so they aren't going to let him come home today...Maybe tomorrow.. The weather has turned nasty so it might be for the best.
I am taking a few days off from posting in my journal unless something really exciting happens this will allow me to celebrate the holidays.. I will update What and when I can.
Happy Holidays everyone.


Thursday, December 26:
We had a wonderful Christmas Eve and Christmas Day.
Christmas Eve Tiffani, Kevin and Tracy joined us for supper.. Kevin cooked steaks then we settled in for a game of rummy.. Then Destry came out about 9 pm he had been with his friends which is his Christmas Eve tradition. After he ate he joined us in a game of rummy.

Christmas day the girls and their men got here about 8am and we exchanged and opened gifts. Tracy's leather coat we got her is to small so she will have to exchange that. Tiffs gift were keepers.. Whew.. The girls got their dad a wench for his four wheeler. He loved it.. They got me a little baby dirt devil so I can clean up the furniture easier.. plus a bag for my four wheeler, house shoes and perfume. Thanks girls.
We had lunch about 12:30 pm those joining us for lunch were: Both girls and their men, FIL, David and Robin.
DH's brother and sister-in-law Jim and Carolyn, two of my siblings Carol and Bill stopped by to visit awhile, Carol came back Christmas night and joined in on playing cards. Destry and Tracy brought Brooklyn over about 3 pm so she could open her gifts from her dad ~ Destry ~ but they had to have her back to her mom by 5:30. Everyone left at 10 pm with the many Christmas memories to hold through out the coming year.

I picked me up a new NO RICK CLICK graphic from Teas today.. Isn't he sweet.



Friday, December 27:
Good luck Oklahoma State Cowboys in the Houston bowl against SOUTHERN MISS, today at 1 pm.
Oklahoma State has won five of its last six games one of those was against the Sooners.

Joining in on the

1. What was your biggest accomplishment this year?
Sharing my journal.

2. What was your biggest disappointment?
Not being able to get the new DSL that is offered in this area.

3. Will you be making any New Year's resolutions?
Probably not I haven't stuck with any I made in the past..

4. Where will you be at midnight? Do you wish you could be somewhere else?
Home and that is where I want to be. Parties on New Year's Eve are a thing of the past.

5. Aside from (possibly) staying up late, do you have any other New Year's traditions?
None. When my Mom was alive her and my Dad use to host a New Year's Eve gathering of their Bluegrass friends and family.. When she passed away so did the gatherings. No new tradition has been adopted. BORING that is what I am..

Last night I tried to make something new for my two girls. Tiffani is brown haired and Tracy is a blonde.... They will get a kick of these little dolls. My girls are the joy of my life.

Way to go Cowboys.. Final score was Cowboys 33 over Southern Mississippi 23. OKIE


Saturday, December 28:
Saturday-8: "Last Saturday, 'o2 - Woo-hoo"
  1. What are the 8 greatest things about this past year?
    {1}I am walking closer to God.
    {2}Continue our close relationship with both of our girls.
    {3}Kevin being part of our lives again.
    {4}Tracy graduating college.
    {5}Our 4-wheeling trips with the girls and other family member and friends.
    {6}Our health.
    {7}Our business
    {8}My marriage to a man that still makes me feel like his bride.

  2. Who are 7 of the closest people to your heart?

  3. What are 6 of your favorite rock/music bands?
    I don't have one so 6 is not a possible.

  4. Name 5 items visible to your eyes right now.
    {1}Coffe cup
    {2}PC screen
    {3}Mobile phone
    {5}Ink pen

  5. What are 4 words/phrases that you use all the time?
    {3}What ever

  6. Describe yourself in 3 words.
    Mouthie, moody. loner

  7. What 2 things are you going to do tomorrow?
    Church and take down Christmas decorations

  8. Ok... this is the last 1 thing you have to do. Go to the Mayfly Project 'o2 and describe this past year of your life in 20 words. Haha. Have a wonderful New Years everybody!!!
    family, cherish, hurt, love, work, drugs, fire, birth, marriage, fun, cards, adventures, new furniture, girls, father-in-law, cancer, prayer, new cyber friends.

We gathered at FIL's today for Christmas. I can say that it is hard to watch the takers and keep my mouth shut... I did speak to one that FIL has been real generous in his gift to them and the least they could do is come back to see him other than at Christmas time. But I am sure it ran off the shoulders without leaving a drop of moisture.. Sometimes I want to scream and say HELLO He may not be with us much longer don't regret not spending time with him..


Sunday, December 29:
Just a short entry today that my Aunt Berniece passed away early this morning. My prayers are with her sons and their family. May she rest in peace.

My aunt faught a good fight with cancer. Hers was wide spread before it was dignosed. I adopted this little ribbon to remind myself of others like my FIL that have lung cancer.



Monday, December 30:
Funeral service will be Thursday at 1pm for Aunt Berniece.

I found some cuties to help bring in 2003.
Happy New Year 2003 Thanks Danette
Happy New Year 2003 Thanks Danette Happy New Year 2003 Thanks Danette


Tuesday, December 31:
This will be my last entry into my on line journal for the year of 2002.
Thanks to everyone that has visited my journal and taken the time to tag me. I hope you will come back again in the Year of 2003.

I'm hooked on dressing these little dolls..


*This-or-That* Tuesday

1. Stay in or go out on New Year's Eve?
Both we got out for dinner and then come back home usually and that is what is planned tonight.

2. If you stay home, do you stay up to ring in the new year, or fall asleep earlier?
If we have company, which we plan on having company tonight, we stay up but I have know of times when DH falls asleep watching T.V. if it is just us.

3. If you go out, do you prefer to attend a party at someone's home, or go to a bar/nightclub/restaurant?
To celebrate the coming in of the new Year I would rather be at home if not home then at someone elses home. We have done the big party thing over the years but we don't anymore.

4. Make resolutions, or do you not bother?
I always make atleast one. Haaahee! My main resolution is to walk closer to God.

5. Ever been to Times Square (New York City) on New Year's Eve, or just watched the ball drop on TV?
I have never been to New York but have watched it on TV. I am not sure that I would enjoy being in New York on new years eve.

6. Toast the New Year with champagne or a soft drink?
Usually soft drink or coffee LOL

7. Do you have a special New Year's dinner or not?
Special Anytime I get to go out to eat instead of cooking it is special.

8. Do you already have your 2003 calendar, or do you wait to buy one until the stores mark them down?
I already have 2003 calendars companys give them away here as advertisement so I see no need to buy one.

9. Take down Christmas decorations: before or after New Year's?
Usually they are down by now but this year some of the small decorations are still out.. Maybe before the day is over I will get them down, boxed and put away.

10. Funny hats and noisemakers, or a quieter celebration?
I would rather not wear the hats.. Our will be a quieter celebration. We will probably be playing cards at midnight.. Hope I win..:O)

Happy New Year 2003 Thanks Danette
Wishing all my family and on line friends a Happy New Year.

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Visit Tea's Graphics to get your blinkie,12-05-2002
   Nancze     Made for Nancze and myself, 12-01-2002
Nancze    Tea Ann & Gayla Playroompals,12-05-2002


Merry Christmas~May your Christmas~ Be a Beautiful One~Let's wish for snow~Good food~~Family close by ~Friends to share our life~And let's not forget~The Reason for The Season~Is Jesus~Our Savior~Thank you for the friendship~Laughter and Good Times~HO HO HO Merry Christmas ö~



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