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Please understand this is only some of the research that I have on my Dean family. Contributed in many different ways and from many different people. Much has been confirmed with documents but some is only theory. So please only use this as a beginning to your research not as documented facts...

Elisha ~ Bailey ~ John Wesley ~ Homer


Charles & Ursula Dean

The Dean of our lineage came to America from England, in the early 1700's. He first settled in Virginia, then at a later date he and his wife Ursula (Marchbanks) Dean and family went on into North Carolina.
At this time I do not know from where in England Charles came from or the arrival date or place.
Charles married Ursula Marchbanks of Virginia and moved on to North Carolina. Charles & Ursula were located in the census of Salisbury District, Rockingham County, North Carolina reporting 1 male of age 16, (which is probably himself) 1 male under 16 and 2 females and no slaves. Also found in the 1790 census near Charles was Elisha Sr., James and Charles Jr. Dean.

Elisha Dean Sr. was born in North Carolina January 13,1766. He never claimed to be a soldier in the Revolutionary war, but said, that when he was 14 years of age he had stood guard at a fort, which had been erected by the Revolutionary army.


Elisha Sr. married Jemima Heard. Native of South Carolina. In this union there were 14 children born. Elizabeth, Tillman, Joel, Charley, Anne that married Fleming Mosley, James Madison that married Unity Clayton, Cassie/ Cashancy, Elisha Jr. that married Caroline Parsons, Peggy, Bailey A. that married Matilda Norris, Emily, Hariahiah M., John M. and Abner.

Elisha Senior and family were first located in 1790 in South Carolina. It seems they stayed in South Carolina through 1840.
Elisha Sr. wife, Jemima died in South Carolina, date not known.
Elisha and some of his children moved to Mississippi, around 1848. All living on their own places.
It is said that Elisha married after Jemima's death to Frances Jones. A child was born in the union of Elisha Sr. and Frances, Elias W. Dean born about 1821. I have no information on this marriage. Prior to 1850 only the head of household names were given on the census. So without some other type record being located it is next to impossible to know for sure. Frances wasn't shown in Elisha Sr.'s household in the 1850 Mississippi census.

Elisha Sr. lived in Mississippi from 1848 until his death, in Attala County, in 1865 at the age of 99.

This article was copied from a Attala County, MS, internet site. I give my special thanks for Mrs Sanders for taking the time to compose these notes and for sharing them and to David Hendrix for posting them.
Deaths Extracted From the Diary of Judge Jason Niles. Covering the period 1846-1890
Compiled by Mrs. Joyce Sanders
This information was provided by Mrs. Joyce Sanders of Kosciusko, Ms and is reprinted here with her permission. Mrs. Sanders has helped innumerable people, including myself, in their genealogical research. We all owe her a " Thank you, Joyce" for her unstinting efforts to aid other researchers. Thank you Joyce.(David Hendrix)

NOTE: The following information was extracted from the diary of Judge Jason Niles. The dates might not be the actual date that the event occurred but the date of the diary entry.

Elisha Dean died 25 July 1863, born 13 Feb. 1766.

16 Sep 1881- Abner Dean, who once lived at Lewis Walker's in Attala, died some 10 days or 2 weeks ago at Macon

There were land deeds to Elisha Dean in the Attala county courthouse in the years of; 1848, 1854, 1857 from the U.S.A.. I have no idea, if those land deeds were to Elisha Sr. or Jr. because they were both in Attala County, Mississippi, during those years.

I believed that James M., Elisha Junior and Bailey left Mississippi by the end of the year of 1867. James M. and Elisha Junior went to Crawford County, Arkansas and Bailey and his family went to Texas, leaving Abner and Elias in Mississippi.


Bailey and Matilda, our Dean Ancestors were first noted in the 1840 South Carolina census, with one child.
Around 1848 he and his family moved to Attala County, Mississippi. There were land deeds to a Bailey A. Dean in the Attala county courthouse, November 28, 1849, U.S.A. to Bailey A. Dean. As I said, I think that Bailey left Mississippi by the end of the year of 1867.


Bailey and his family settled for a while in Burleson County, Texas, after their move from Mississippi. They were in the 1871 thru 1877 Burleson county, Tax rolls, possibly earlier, but the 1868 through 1870 tax rolls were not readable. According to the tax rolls that I located them in, Bailey owned about 57 acres, a couple of carriages, horses, a cow, one to three sheep and any where from 16 to 56 heads of hogs.
According to the 1870 Texas census, eight of Bailey's & Matilda's eleven children were living at home. They were Lucy, JOHN WESLEY, HENRY, Olive, William, Frances, Robert and Elisha.
Mahulda had married prior to 1870 in Mississippi, but her family also moved on to live in Burleson County.
George and Abner were not living in the same household as the others, but I believe they did come to Texas with the family.


Henry married Martha Burnett, in 1870,
Lucy married William Peters in 1871,
Olive married Archibald Dunlap, in 1873,
John married Lou Brandon, in 1876.


In late 1877's or early 1878's, Bailey, Matilda and their youngest son Elisha moved and lived with John and Lou and their sons Joseph and Lee at San Saba County, Texas. Near Baby Head and Cherokee township. Henry and Olive (Dean) Dunlap and their families also moved to this area.
This is when I believe I located Abner and his family. I'm still trying to concrete this.
Mahulda and Lucy, being married, continued living in Burleson County. Mahulda and her family moved on at a later date, but Lucy stayed in Burleson County, in the Sommerville, Cookes Point area until her death.
In the years of 1878 through 1887 San Saba county Tax rolls. Bailey didn't show any property to pay taxes on. John nor Henry showed any acres owned, but they did show having a horse and a couple of cattle. Abner and Olive owned some land.
Abner later moved to Llano County, Texas until his death. I lost track of Olive and her family after 1878.
John and Henry were not listed in San Saba tax rolls after 1887. This would lead you to believe that they had left for Indian Territory, BUT, Henry's child Mattie is said to have been born in San Saba county, July 31, 1889.
What was happening in their lives during the year of 1887 to November 1889 is a mystery to me. But I do know that Lou (Brandon) Dean was in Indian Territory by November 30, 1889, because that is when their child Effie was born.
The 1890 census were destroyed by fire so to help locate the families you have to depend on other type of records, and considering we were in a place that had not become a state yet, the records are far and few between.
One newspaper article in the Caldwell Texas news, September 23, 1898, that was helpful was: Mr Dean of Indian territory visits his daughter, Mrs Peters, at Cookes Point, Texas. No mention of his wife Matilda, she may have passed away in Texas. Bailey would have been around 80 to 83 years old.
I have not located Bailey in the 1900 census. It is possible that he died that year before the census was taken or a few years prior.

John and Lou were married January 1, 1876, in Burleson County Texas. They made their homes in Burleson County and San Saba County Texas and Antioch, Indian Territory, Oklahoma. John and Lou had 9 children.
One newspaper article in the Maysville, OK, news in June 22, 1933 it states that John W. Dean interment was at Antioch, OK, beside the grave of his father, who died more than 30 years ago. Again no mention of Matilda, John's mother, but it did inform us where Bailey was buried.
John was remembered by Thelma Dean/Thompson as a slender man with a since of humor.

Henry and Martha were married September 8, 1870 in Burleson County Texas. They made their homes in Burleson County and San Saba County Texas and Antioch, Indian Territory, Oklahoma and in Roger Mills county, Oklahoma. They had 12 children.
Henry was remembered by Thelma Dean/Thompson as having red hair.

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