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June 21, 2003
Wedding bells will be ringing


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Sunday June 1:
We (Dh, Tiffani, Kevin, FIL and myself) went to the Antioch cemetary dinner. When we got back home David and Robin was at the house picking up the limbs that we had cut down to carry off over to Todd's and Pam's. They brought home the cainsaw. Tiffani and Kevin took their pinic table home. When everyone was gone DH finished the weedeating and I picked up the yard.. We had a few showers of rain but really just enough to make it humid. With the yard work done we both relaxed the rest of the day.


Monday June 2:
First of the month account payable, and this payweek so busy busy at work.


Monday June 9:
Tracy's wedding is approaching and I am still excited for her. She is a bubbling bride. It seems like everything is going as planned so we are getting to relax some.. SOME..
Their house is still up in the air. Having to split it into two sections is taking longer than buying normally. When it is a done deal they will forget all the problems they have had getting it. :O)
Tiffani and Kevin had supper with us last night. Bless Kevins heart he always has to cook when they come over.
Wanda called to see if there was anything she could do to help with the wedding. She is going to take care of the Kitchen during the reception and also help us tear down when the Bride and groom has left. She doesn't realize how much this is going to help US. but it will.
Norma called about the Brides table.. everythiing is going to be fine. I still don't know if Betty or Norma is furnishing the cloths for the tables.. Oh well I am going to let them figure it out.


Monday June 10:
Tiffani and Kevin had supper with us tonight. I fixed Chicken on the indoor grill with mushrooms, onion, pineapple and bacon for the meat dish.. They seemed to enjoy it. When supper was finished and the kitchen cleaned we had a great visit on the back deck. They are hoping to have news for us tomorrow on a event that will effect the rest of their lives.
After they had gone home DH and I was just kicking back to relax when David and Robin came by.. They rode the rain storm out with us leaving about 11pm. David is going to Red River Thursday and he wasnted to see if DH had changed his mind about going. With the wedding NEXT week-end he has decided he might should wait.. :O)


Monday June 11:
Note to myself: 4 weeks and 6days
DH forgot to bring in the paperwork last night so I am catching on many of the small things that I have put off with the companies paperwork.


Tuesday June 171:
While I am gobbling down my lunch I thought I would put some of the things out that I had adopted for Tracy for her wedding.. The day count down is here.. And I am like that cat on a tin roof.. All will go well I am sure.. Just the last minute things to confirm.. The hair appointments, final dress try ons, resersal and then the wedding. They will be married no matter what the weather tempture is or the attendance or the tears that fall down my cheeks.. I am fighting them now just putting this page together. Not that I am unhappy for her but it is just a momma thing.
My mind is flowing with so many memories of Tracy from the day I found out that she was going to be part of our life to this morning when she called me on her way home.
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